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I was born in Cali, Colombia, although my formative years were spent in the UK, Spain and France. My passion for art was fostered at an early age, leading to my enthusiasm in becoming a member of the art classes at each of the international schools that I attended. The moment I started mixing the colors of pastel with the tip of my fingers on the paper surface I was intoxicated. I continued my focus on fine arts during my school years, and it was during a painting and drawing course in Italy that I was first introduced to oil paint and I was able to further develop my skills.

After completing my A-levels in France, I decided to relocate to the USA and studied Fine Arts at Penn State University. It was here that I developed a firm foundation in fine art and art history. While I was able to experiment with sculpture, printmaking, photography and mixed media, my passion always remained with painting and drawing. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, I moved to New York City for a year, working at two art galleries. Following this I spent a year in London, where I had a studio at the Wimbledon Art Studios and prepared for one of the yearly open studios art shows.

I am now living in Paris, where I have worked as an artist assistant and as a freelance illustrator.

As a Colombian who has lived most of her life in Europe, I am fortunate enough to be able to draw on a variety of cultural traditions in terms of artistic expression. Having been born Colombia, in a city located in the south-west of the country, famed for blending Andean and Afro-Caribbean cross-cultural traditions, I have always tried to couple this cultural and intellectual heritage to my more structured European education. As I have developed intellectually and emotionally as a person, so has my artwork and my artistic curiosity.

I am a realist painter, working primarily from photographic references. I find inspiration in many subjects, whether it is figure, portrait, landscape or still life. My paintings and drawings are representational reflections of people, objects, or scenes that have caught my eye. Sometimes the attraction is purely aesthetic; the way light hits someone’s skin or the dynamic energy of a crowd. Other times the subject has thematic or narrative significance that references personal experience.

In my gallery you will find my latest work, including some of my college art work. My favourite media are Oil Paints and Pastels. I love both as I can manipulate them with ease, even when I paint I like to use my fingers to blend the paint on the canvas.

Favourite artists: the Impressionists. I love Monet’s work.


  • Age: 27
  • Joined: October 2009