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Why I'm not around much

Only have a mobile internet connection and the data limits are most retricting. I have a number of new creations to upload but will have to wait until I can borrow someones wifi connection.


  • shadowlea
    shadowlea6 months ago

    seems like not many are around much these days Hugh…..look forward to seeing some work soon from you though…..

  • Ellanita
    Ellanita6 months ago

    Hello Hugh
    I have been missing you and your work…I am in a similar situation with internet at the moment and also because of a few other activities I may not always be on RB…however I do not want to miss out on the work of friends…
    Looking forward to your creations again my friend…..
    Ellanita xo

  • retepk
    retepk6 months ago

    No worries Hugh.
    Cheers mate.

  • ericmcain79
    ericmcain796 months ago

    That’s a bummer Hugh. We will all look forward to your new creations :D much respect my friend :D

  • Ann  Van Breemen
    Ann Van Breemen6 months ago

    Bummer. We’re lost without our Internet connection. What did we do before??? I can’t remember. Good luck. Hope you can upload soon. If you have a laptop you should go buy a coffee at a coffee shop or Maccas and use their free WiFi.

  • Walter Colvin
    Walter Colvin6 months ago

    Hope to see your new work soon Hugh.