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GoFundMe Campaign

You would not believe just how difficult this is, for me to do, I’ve never been much good at asking others for anything.

At the end of March, my motorbike, which is my only transport, developed some serious gearbox problems, so bad, that it made the bike unridable.

I really had no choice, and had to take the bike into a local bike mechanic to have it looked at. When the gearbox was removed and inspected, it wasn’t good at all, and needed to be completely rebuilt.

Well some 10 weeks later, the job is done and the bike is ready to be picked up.

Unfortunately for me, the final bill came in at $2795. Add to that, that I need to pay the registration fee and throw on a new tyre, the total ended up at $3275.

I’ve managed to save 2/3rds of that amount, and could possibly save t…

Thanks to Redbubble

I haven’t been as visible on Redbubble recently, but thought it was time to add some news.

The reason for the title “Thanks to Redbubble” is due to the fact that a friend that I follow here on RB, has recently become so much more than that.

As of last Wednesday, Kornrawiee and I have become a couple . . .

From a beginning of following each other here, we got to know each other over an extended period of time through ‘social network’ sites, finding out that we shared very many things in common.

About 6 weeks ago, we started to write on a far more personal basis, finding out that we also shared our desires for a possible future.

Deciding mutually, that we wished to pursue that possible future, we made arrangements to meet in person.

And what a fabulous decision…

Upgrades coming my way . . .

I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve decided to upgrade my home network.

Right now, I have:

MacBook Pro (2010)
Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
OSX 10.9.2

Mac Mini (2010)
Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
OSX 10.6.8 (so I can still run Bryce).

Connected together on my desk through an Aten KVM switch.

Last night, I organised an advance on my disability pension.

So . . .

Sometime Thursday (Friday at the latest), that money will be in my account and I will be heading to the checkout on this . . .


I bought my Nikon camera from this mob and they were the 2nd lowest price (by $12).

In preparation for getting this current model Mac Mini, I have just ordered a 16 GB RAM upgrade.

I’m expecting that I will be most impress…

Why I'm not around much

Only have a mobile internet connection and the data limits are most retricting. I have a number of new creations to upload but will have to wait until I can borrow someones wifi connection.

Book Cover Sold

I joined SelfPubBookCovers and today, I got notification of my 1st sale there. Pretty pleased with that, as by this time next week, I’ll have $50 in my PayPal account.

Can only sell an image once and can’t sell the same image elsewhere, but this one sale has given me as much as my last two RB payments and that is at least 6 months of sales . . .

More computing power

As many know, I love to create LightBenders in Bryce.
I have been using Bryce for about a decade now, used it from version 2.0
When it comes to reflection and refraction, in my opinion, Bryce is still one of the best.

Unfortunately Daz3D does not support Bryce at all, and it will not run on a Mac running an OS any later than Snow Leopard (4 OS generations back, so a great, great grandfather, now).

I make my LightBenders on my trusty, 2007, 1.83Ghz Dual core, MacMini (1.25GB RAM and an 80GB hard drive), which is pretty slow and renders can take days to finish ( the great, great, grandfather of the current MacMini).

So after some research, I decided to get the fastest Mac set-up that Bryce will run on, and that I can afford. The afford part, always most important.

So tomorrow, I should be get…

SoJie 23


Flying Over A Fractal
by Hugh Fathers


   Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 74000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 23. SoJie 23 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 23rd one, ever, and 62 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on August 30th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fello…

I'm not around so much . . .

The reason being, is that I have started an on-line, full-time Diploma in Accountancy.
Just getting back into the swing of guided study. Trying to bypass my ‘procrastination’ issues and get into it. The 1st couple of weeks my motivation wasn’t quite there but as I have finished (and passed) the first unit I attempted, that motivation is on it’s way up.
Currently I am having a go at two other units simultaneously. One is predominantly about basic MS Excel and as I have been using that app fro a few years I expect it to be more of a revision process than anything else.
The other unit is an introductory unit on Accounting, so that will be new and quite interesting.
I’ll still be exercising my creative talents but not quite as much as I have been.
Catch you around . .…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait