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Proverbs of Good Luck (Poem)

Knock and you shall enter
Ask and you shall find
But don´t get thrown left of center
For there the poor in spirit are anything but kind

A nagging wife on a rainy day
Is like crashing on the highway
Into an oncoming oil truck
It don´t matter if you´ve been forgiven
Unless you´re starting a funeral procession
I just say Good Luck

Blessed are the unpublished poets
Cause they don’t want my money
And don’t even know it
Blessed are those who fall in love
For they will suffer the most
And blessed are the mentally ill
For they were born with their fill
But don´t put them in positions of power
For then its them you will have to kill

And destroy if you have evolved
You were meant to be created
And don´t worry that I´m coming soon
Especially if your finest robes lay unwashed
And best of all, permanently tainted

Why should you even care?
The birds of the air are running out of room
Wait until you have waited
See which way the gate has swung
And no one but the bride and groom are elated
That the wedding bells have rung

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