Jasmine Heard

Jasmine Heard

Philadelphia, United States

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ever since I could remember I’ve been a creative mind,Looking for ways to express how I feel through simple graphic design. So here I’m just making designs up as they pop into my head and I want to be able to show the world what I’m thinking about,Where my creativity leads me,What I like in designs, And what styles of design and graphics describes me. So you know I’m young, In college and I’m shy.Artwork,Tumblr,Photography and Photoshop designing is what keeps me going in a world that i sometimes may not agree with.

if you purchase any of my designs please feel free to send me a picture! heard.jasmine584@gmail.com

  • Age: 19
  • Joined: January 2014


My First Sale!

i forgot to mention i made my first sale on febuary 1st! im very proud of this and would just like to thank that person for giving my design a chance. this is the design that was purchased / http://www.redbubble.com/people/housemars/works/11422345-wake-up-stiles
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My First Time Featured!

i just want to say thanks to the Tee-Raphic group for featuring me TWICE today! this is my first feature and i haven’t been here very long and this is an high honor for me especially because im quite the amateur designer and it really makes me feel good when i saw that they gave me those features! it makes me feel so special and i am amazed to have this achievement! / these two designs were…
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