Perfect morning commute

Standing jam packed on the peak hour train I see him across the carriage. A new face on this daily journey. He has his sunglasses on but I can tell he is looking at me. Assessing me, undressing me. I smile as I undo my hair and shake it out of its ponytail before putting it back up. My subtle way of flirting across the carriage.

The next station and more people jump on, anxious about the coming day and tuned out with their earphones in or reading a book. I manoeuvre my way around other passengers so that I am standing next to him. I smile at him as I fan my face. It’s 8.20 in the morning and it’s already heading towards 25C degrees outside. Inside the carriage the air-conditioning may as well be non-existent. More people hop into our carriage and instead of standing next to him I get pushed so that I am standing in front of him, face to face, chest to chest, groin to groin. An uncomfortable pause ensues as he looks down at me and before I pull myself away so there is a small space between us. Stuck in the corner, I can feel his breath on my neck and as I look out the window at the world speeding past I can feel my pulse race as fast as the buildings going past. True arousal begins and my nipples start to harden; I’m sure that if he looked down he could see them straining through my shirt.

I can smell him….soap, aftershave, sweat, sex.

A phone rings and I can hear laughter in the background but all I can focus on is his breathing. The train jerks to a stop and now there is no way for me to stay upright and I only half accidently fall into his well muscled chest. His hand lingers on my waist a little longer than an uninterested strangers might. He slides it down my hip before I mutter my thanks at the same time he says it’s a pleasure.

Passengers hop off but I keep close to him. The feeling of sexual need between us is like a magnet keeping us together.

I can feel my desire building and I start to get wet. The small amount of warm air drifting up my skirt is not helping me cool down and the more I think about how aroused I am the redder I can feel my face becoming.
I’m trying not to stare at his neck covered with a sheen of sweat. His top button is undone and I can see his adams apple move beneath his collar as he swallows. His lips are slightly parted and as he looks down at me he unconsciously licks his lips and gives me a cheeky half smile almost as if he knows how sexy he is and how turned on he is making me.

We slow as we head into the tunnel leading under the city. My stop is approaching. Sunglasses off and handbag on shoulder ready for the day. Time to get my head in the game and start thinking about the pitch to a major client this morning. But how can I do that when I have this amazing beast of a man right in front of me. Close enough for me to lick the sweat from his neck.

We come to an unexpected halt in the tunnel; in no man’s land between platforms. A minute passes and people are starting to get restless, agitated, and impatient. I’m just happy for the extra seconds where I can take in the smell of sex from this gorgeous man. A siren sounds and the lights in the carriage are extinguished. Amidst the noise and commotion of those around us wondering what is going on I feel his hands on my waist strongly pulling me towards him.

He drags me closer as his hands reach behind me to clutch my bum. I gasp before I regather myself and search out his lip knowing that the lights might come back on at any second. All I can now hear is our frantic breathing as his hands move from my arse around my waist up my stomach to my breasts. My hands find their way to his crotch where I can feel how aroused he is. His penis erect and ready to burst through his trousers.

It is pitch black around us and we are guided only our desire and undeniable sexual attraction. The energy and commotion in the carriage is only working to spur on the urgency between us and no one else seems to notice what we have started.

I undo his zip and his cock springs out up against his stomach. It seems he wants me as much as I him. He spins me around in the dark so that my arse is in his crotch and I am forced up against the carriage door.I can feel his unshaven chin graze my neck as he gentle bites me. He reefs the back of my skirt up above my hips. I lean my head back and his left hand cups my breast while his right works my G string aside so that he can plunge his fingers into me. I hear him groan as he feels how wet I am. I can’t help but smile knowing that this has obviously turned him on.

I feel his stiffness against my back. I reach a hand behind me, between us so that I can push his cock down to align with me. I bend forward slightly, subtly encouraging him, letting him know that I want him to fuck me. His hand leaves my clit so that he can guide himself into me.

Feeling his cock plunge into my moist cunt while knowing there are people standing all around us makes me want to come instantly.

Our eyes have adjusted slightly and I can see him staring at me in the window of the carriage door. We lock eyes and I lean back against him as we rock together. I have one hand around his neck and one hand rubbing my clit. Our breathing quickens. There is an urgency between us knowing we must hurry if we are to be satisfied before we start to move again.

My breasts are moving up and down, straining against my shirt as his force increases. I can feel his rhythm change, his body stiffen and I can see him lick his lips ready to blow his juices into me. This is enough to set my orgasm in motion and as we come together our moans of pleasure go unheard to all but us, mixing with the other noises in the carriage.

He pulls out of me and I forcefully grab his hand licking my pussy juices off his fingers which five seconds earlier was encased in the folds of my cunt. He chuckles at this sensing my playfulness and appreciation. The lights flicker on just as I finish sucking his middle finger.

The other passengers begin to cheer the movement of our train onwards as I discreetly pull my skirt down and he adjusts himself. 30 seconds later I am hoping off the train and heading to the left of the platform while he is heading to the right. Not a backwards glance or a name exchanged. The perfect start to the morning.

Perfect morning commute


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