I’m feeling more and more alienated: I despise the materialism that is rampant today; the selfishness; the empty celebrity worship; the lawyer spin mentality and the disingenuousness that is everywhere; the mainstream media that both feeds and feeds off society, mirroring and perpetrating mediocrity and the yuppie values that have infested us.

The above is reflected in my T-shirt designs.

I write a blog, The Boomtown Rap

My other website is www.perthpunk.com

Perthpunk.com comprises a series of personal perspectives, pics and resuscitated recordings which make up an extensive insider history of the early Perth punk era (1977 – 78).

I’m a T-shirt designer, published writer, freelance copy-editor, songwriter, misfit and fallen romantic (which makes me a cynic, yeah). Essentially and paradoxically though, I remain an optimist.

I’m a food freak (not a foodie), love cooking and growing organic herbs and veges for the table – and no matter how badly the evidence is stacking up against me, I am not a hippie!

I love TV – trash and quality – but watch too much of it. Favourite shows: The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, The Office (UK series), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Shameless, any rock documentary.

Into music…eclectic taste, but rock is my first love. Addicted to the computer. Play tennis (badly). Widely travelled, most recently to Malaysia, SE Asia’s unsung food paradise.

The sea is my sacred site.

One day I will write the novel I have been putting off forever. Or perhaps I won’t.

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The Age of Conspiracy Theories?

Had dinner with friends a few nights back and during the extended wine soak that followed, conversation got on to one of my TV unmissables, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. For the uninitiated, each episode of RKN features foul-mouthed and tempered UK celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay troubleshooting a struggling restaurant and seeking to turn business around inside a week. / Recalling some of Ramsay’s sp…
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The Hotbeetees Awards for 2007

Inaugural and haphazard, these Hotbeetees International Awards for 2007 are disorganised, ill conceived and pretty bloody random. There’s an Australian bias, I have to confess (a function of my place of residence). / These Awards derive from a larger list that feature many items that would not mean much to folk who do are not Australian. If you are interested in viewing the full list of Awards, t…
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The Unpalatable Fruits of Americacentricity

Before I begin, let’s be REAL positive and assume that oil is not the major factor behind the US Iraq campaign. Let’s also dismiss the charges that Bush had a personal agenda to finish what Daddy started and “get” Saddam. Let’s disengage from the very concept of spin and indulge ourselves with the idea that America’s mission in Iraq really was, and is, a noble …
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