Sparks, United States

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I am a 62 year old Nevada Native by heart. First as an underfoot kid working on ranches in Elko with my dad, then a cowboy myself in the Elko area, then on to Northern CA where I eventually dodged the Vietnam draft by joining the Navy. :)

A San Diego CA Resident by job and career. Retired US Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, Retired Quality Management professional from US Government Service.

I was exposed to photography when my mom gave me a Polaroid Swinger camera in High school and have never looked back. I now shoot with a Canon 7D which is an upgraded from the 20D that spent many days in the field. My old Canon EOS 620 served well for many years and a Ricoh before that and a Canon EOS Rebel XT as the first Digital Camera . A Mamiya 645 rounds out the bag. There has been a long hiatus in any serious photography as my professional life pretty much got in the way. Chuckle!

I am still a rank amateur. My brain knows most of the technical rules but still struggle with putting them on a print. I recently was turned on to Adobe Lightroom by a Red Bubble regular and have found new life in some old worn photos.

Update ** 03 30 2011

The move/transition to Reno/Sparks is now complete. Finally home in Nevada again.

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