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Willenhall, United Kingdom

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Not sure what to write here, but I guess a potted history is appropriate.

I was born in Hackney, London, and did most of my growing up there and in the greener parts of Wiltshire. I’ve been drawing and making since I was tiny. I remember drawing cartoons when I was 7 or 8, but having found my ancient schoolbooks, I can see my roots as a geek too, as many mention Spiderman and Superman…

I have enjoyed experiencing many techniques and styles of art over the course of my adult life. I love museums and galleries, and explore them at every opportunity, and I currently volunteer for two galleries local to me. I get a chance to talk about art and history all day with total strangers, which is fun! I have earned one degree in jewellery and metalwork design, and although I have run my own business in jewellery design, but for various reasons I have been away from my first passion for far too long.

A few years ago, I decided to study for a BA (Hons) in art history through the Open University and reopened my eyes to what I’d lost. At the same time I gave birth to my daughter – which was always going to be busy! But a little while ago an old drawing (Cogs #2 on my portfolio) started to get comments, and I’d started drawing again.

Now I’m starting to get that old urge to draw again and have decided to share it here on Redbubble. I’m never likely to be a ‘professional’ artists (unlike some of the amazing artists I’ve encountered here so far!) but I hope people like what they see here, and I hope to chat about my stuff and the work of others here.

I mostly work in pen and ink, black and white suits me best, it seems. I started drawing cogs and patterns on notebooks years ago, and it seemed to me to be something my mind put together without effort. The results seemed to appeal too, so I kept on! I’m enjoying playing with the format and producing a variation on repeating forms and so on. Maybe it reveals something about my state of mind. Maybe not. ;-)

I enjoy reading comments and critique on my work, and hope that any visitors to my page want to comment/guide me.

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They say it makes the heart grow fonder, but to be honest, it annoys me… / I’ve been scribbling but haven’t has the time to finish a proper picture in ages. To be perfectly honest, the last few months have been utter hell… / I hope to return soon with the piece I’m currently halfway through completed and looking good enough to share.
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New Pattern

For this image, I’m trying to play with the use of colour/colourwashes. I’m probably going to put the finished item for sale on RB, but it’s more of a test work than a properly finished piece. / I quite like it though, and I think the centre really draws the eye into the pattern. / What do you think?
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Card/banner designs

Although I haven’t done anything particularly big for a while, I’ve been working on a lot of smaller designs in preparation for a Christmas craft fayre at the start of December. / These ideas are basic patterns that will be printed (Using and inkjet printer!) onto cards. Some will be over collaged or colourwashed backgrounds, but I’ll experiment and see how it goes. / I’d …
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Cogs #6 (Until I can find a better name!)

I’ve gone back to the Cog images again, and although this one is relatively simple, I have plans to elaborate on the design with the next few pieces. This is on A3 sized paper, so I’ll have to wait til I can get it scanned on a decent machine before it goes on sale. / Let me know what you think! / This is the cog on the far right hand side of the piece. I think it turned out pretty we…
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