Grafton House, Dublin by Alan Hogan

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An illustration of Grafton House situated on South Great Georges Street in Dublin City, Ireland.

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Born in Ireland, Alan Hogan is a visual artist now living in Finland. He paints a variety of subjects in a unique style which mixes traditional values with a hint of contemporary and sometimes melancholy undertones. He is also interested in photography.
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  • Alice McMahon
    Alice McMahonover 5 years ago

    Love it! Gosh, I wish I was there right now!

  • I know the feeling, it’s a nice area to hang out in Dublin.

    – Alan Hogan

  • ragman
    ragmanabout 5 years ago

  • zooreka
    zoorekaabout 5 years ago

    Nicely done – <ust have passed this a few thousand times and never even new it existed… Where exacly is it? Near Nico’s or The GPO or farther down towards ST Pats??

    BTW love the grafitti on the wall – Nice touch. Last time I was in Dublin there were smackheads shooting up in broad daylight all round this area and north pf the bridge too – O’Connel St. F***ing hated it and stayed out of the City Centre ever since! Society gone to hell!

  • zooreka
    zoorekaabout 5 years ago

    sorry bout that – page hung when posting the comment and when it refreshed most of the comment was missing.

    The comment on the City Centre was made in reference to the graffiti on the window/wall (Nice Touch incidentally). Though I live not so far from Dublin The last time I was in that part of town it was littered with smackheads shooting up in broad daylight. – F***ing hated it – scum of the earth! Society has gone to hell!

    Incidentally, were is Grafton House? I must have past it several thousand tmes in my life and still don’t know where it is. I used to work in the area too which makes it all the worse. Is it GPO/Nico’s end or down towards The Olympia and St Pats???

    Someday I hope they’ll clean the centre up and it will be pleasurable to visit once more. Doubt somehow it’ll heppen in my lifetime!

    Nice skketch once again! :) – One of the Pipe Shop or Trinity (or even the GPO) would be nice to go along with it! :)

  • Hi Zooreka,
    The ‘graffiti’ you mentioned isn’t really graffiti. It’s actually meant to be images from inside the shop window, the shop being a hair salon called David Marshalls which was there at the time of drawing it. They had large cut-out scissors as part of their display. I did the best I could with the scene.
    This building is on South Great George’s Street in Dublin 2. It didn’t seem like a bad spot to me. There’s a nice walk-through arcade at this building and one or two decent pubs. There is an element of danger on the streets and that’s something I’m very aware of, but I think a lot of other capital cities have similar problems. I think Dublin has always had an element of danger to it. Before leaving Ireland to live in Finland 2 years ago I had noticed a rapid increase in city centre crime since the early nineties. I don’t think the authorities are doing enough for the general public’s safety, and that’s a pity because it has the potential to be a beautiful place both for locals and visitors. Maybe they will clean up the city one day, but there’s an awful lot of work to be done.

    – Alan Hogan

  • zooreka
    zoorekaabout 5 years ago

    Lol – Thanks for that explanation. Likewise, I got out of there in Jan 2004. I wish to God The Vigilantes would come back!!! Rat Control!!!!!

    Sth Grt Georges Street is the continuation of Dame ST is it not??? Never could remember what is where… or is it the parallel to Grafton that Joins Dame St at one end and believe Harcourt at the other? The one with That Great Japanese Noodle Restaurant on it and the Chinese Supermarkets….

    You’re right about the danger element. I returned to Ireland originally in 91 and everyone was talking on the one hand about how much it had cleaned up since the 80’s and talking about The General and Larry Mullen on the other… Arter sticking it for nigh on 13 years more I know now that those folk who asserted this were all stoned out of their minds… Way worse. Sure the Early 80’s were heavy but the early 90’s???? Now in my absence I hear stories of lines of coke being done in Dail Eireann toilets – Not bleeding surprising!!!! It’s the Real Thing after all… In Ireland if someone suggests you get real…. well – I leave you to work that one out! ;)

    Hope you’re liking Finland. My folks spent a few months there in The Mid 70’s. My dad told me the men left the women behind in The Cities and headed of for ‘Male Bonding’ Weekends in The forests… Ie a lambasting on Vodka and Caviar for a couple of day straight! Ah, them scandinavian Traditions.

    Living now as I do in Latin America – I miss Guinness a lot. I really drink at all. The seafood is fantastic in Lima and the Black Cusquena is pretty good with it… but lets face it: NOT GUINNESS! The other thing being the bangers and Bacon! I daresay in Finland you get Danish Bacon – which is something I envy you. Here it’s those scared strips you see in USA… no flavour or substance to them!!!

    Be Good!


    PS I do remember David Marshall’s… took a while to register… I only remember going home for 2 weeks in Feb O6… and in those 2 weeks they registered the coldest night on record – including wind chill Met Eireann put it at -35. With The north wind and rain, The price of heating oil.. Heck even a coffee and Sandwich in Dundrum’s new shopping centre set me back 12 euro… I am in no hurry back there – believe it!!!! WHere does the taxpayer’s money go… you got it… The Lavvies of Dail Eireann and straight up the TD’s (and their Spouses) noses!

  • Anita Inverarity
    Anita Inverarityover 4 years ago

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