“Keepers of the Divine Blueprint”… ( for viewing “two” ways) vertical and horizontal

Size: “20×30”
Medium: Acrylics

Dearest friends,

Here is my latest painting, working on this piece over the last year and a half, sometimes pausing for a few months at a time, only working on it when I was called to.Creating this piece has affected me in a deep and profound ways whilst working on it, activating great shifts in my consciousness and expanding my love and compassion for “all that is”. It has also affirmed my ever increasing love and understanding of the whales and the interdimensional energy they work with and the role they have lovingly chosen to play within the earth plane, they helped co-create this piece along with the celestial families of light. I am grateful for their wisdom, love and I give thanks to them.To put it simply this artwork is holographic in nature, a portal of light and love,working in all directions, space and time.
About 1/3 the way through painting, the clear gentle voice of the celestials informed me that the artwork was in fact going to be viewed two ways, “what” I said to myself " two ways"??? Again in their clear voice they stated “Turn the artwork sideways” waiting for me to catch up in comprehension…
I had started this piece in the “portrait/ vertical” position, I stopped painting, stood up and turned the artwork around to" landscape/horizontal", I gasped and blinked, I could clearly see the composition of the artwork worked perfectly in the landscape position also, as I looked at the images of the whales swimming in the same direction across the canvas, along with the sacred geometric symbols (light keys) being balanced so well…well how curious, yes indeed!!!!!

I invite you to meditate on this piece, viewing it both ways, first one way then the other,flicking back and forth from these two pictures in this album, for only as long as you feel comfortable and if you feel guided too

I wish you deep peace, loving expansion and steady ever increasing balance through these powerful transformational times…with love from my heart to yours <3

Keepers of the Divine Blueprint message:

You are moving through the doorway, the divine blueprint is activated. You have entered the time of the SACRED HEART, the time of the sacred energies of feminine and all that it encompasses, the time of balance and knowing, of rapid healing, the time of reaquaintance of the innate divinity that exists in all human beings. The fires of RIGHT ACTION have been lit and IGNITED, in the souls that have come as a collective group to reinstate the sacred harmony with in the earth plane, to close the circle through the joining of hands and hearts from all nations, entering the way of the SACRED HEART, the original divine blueprint.

Viewing the artwork both ways, helps to create a harmonising and synchronizing effect between both the left (logical/ analytical) and right (creative/ intuitive) hemispheres of the brain, when there is unified and harmonious communication within the brain, then there is a strengthened alignment with the heart center. When there is alignment with the heart center, then there is unity and balance in the physical, mental and emotional energy systems of the body, balancing the energy systems of the body allows the AWAKENING of love consciousness to be activated, helping the higherself to become fully intergrated. A process of rapid intergration is underway, the sacred way of the heart is expanding into the collective consciousness as we speak, the divine feminine is once again assimilating her divine power, much change is and will be taking place and all that you need do, is open and align with your heart and remain focused in love, compassion and unity….Continued and infinite love, Celestial families of light <3


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Visionary artist, dancing with the divine, my painbrushes are guide by loving angels and celestial beings. To find out more about my work, visit my page on Facebook

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  • Lindsey Carrell
    Lindsey Carrellalmost 3 years ago

    Really well done. The same thing often happens to me while I’m painting. Partway through working on a painting I’ll realize that it needs to be turned a different direction. It’s always an awe-inspiring experience!
    Very beautiful painting.

  • Thankyou so very much Lindsey :)…yeah I was like wowzer…love where art takes us, dont you JUST LOVE being and artist…its rocks my world!! peace and love

    – Hayley Mawson Roberts

  • Lilaviolet
    Lilavioletalmost 3 years ago

    Hayley, my English is not good enough to tell you what I feel about your newest work. So I just can say that it´s so wonderful and full of deep spiritual energy and holy symbolism. I love it!
    With a smile from my heart – Lila

  • Hayley Mawson Roberts
    Hayley Mawson ...almost 3 years ago

    Lila, you truly make my day, I am always so blown away by the comments people give to me, and I so deeply appreciate yours thank you so from here<3

  • LisaBeth
    LisaBethalmost 3 years ago

    amazing much flow. great!

  • Lisa Beth, thankyouuuuuuu so very much..peace and light <3

    – Hayley Mawson Roberts

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