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Monday, Monday

I was slacking on Sunday, Snarky Sunday. I painted my upstairs family room and cleaned my house on Sunday. To make it up to you, here is a special Monday edition of Snarky Sunday.

The exploratory robot named Curiosity landed safely on Mars, Sunday. What an exciting adventure we have embarked upon! Speaking of adventures, have you ever wondered why we humans search for intelligent life everywhere except on planet Earth?

About the lack of intelligent life on Earth, the GOP has had a field day name-calling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He’s been called a dirty liar despite the fact that Mitt Romney could just release his tax returns and prove Reid a liar.

The one person who has seen about 10 years worth of Romney tax returns isn’t talking. John McCain knows what’s in those returns since Romney released them to McCain when he was vetting candidates to be his Vice President running mate in 2008. McCain saw those returns and decided to pick Sarah Palin instead. Wow. Those returns must have some stunning information about whether Romney paid taxes and his off-shore accounts for McCain to go with Sarah “Moose Killer” Palin over Romney. McCain knows and he’s not calling Reid a liar.

McCain was not immune from the name-calling by his own party! McCain stood up to Michele Bachmann and her clown-car full of crazies by calling them out on the floor of the Senate. What did he get for his trouble? Tea Partyier and Texas Republican, Louis Gohmert called McCain a numbnuts. We can always count on the Tea Party to keep it classy.

Another thing we can always count on is Faux Newz to create controversy where none exists. Fox’s America Live crew criticized Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas’ uniform as not patriotic because she wore pink instead of wrapping herself in the flag. One commentator likened her uniform to a kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can’t show their exceptionalism. He went on to say the USA is a “very nationalistic” country and that we’ve lost that “jingoistic feeling.” We’ve lost that jingoistic feeling. Woah, woah that jingohistic feeling! We’ve lost that jingoistic feeling now it’s gone, gone, gone.

Bloody Sunday in Wisconsin, USA

Since I can’t decide which Don Addis cartoon is my favorite, here’s a whole bunch of them set to a delightful tune by Gordon Lightfoot:

I must admit, I do find this one to be quite entertaining and ironically true:

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