Welcome to 2014

Hey there everyone hope you had a lovely Christmas. I can’t believe we’re in 2014 now! Sounds so futuristic doesn’t it?! And yet still no hover-boards… Yeah get it together scientists! I had a fairly quiet Christmas in all honesty, although I did have the premiere of my latest musical “My fair Stallone” at the local village hall. Only 8 people turned up, yeah, and they were only there because of the Parish county council meeting going on at the other end of the hall. The person taking down the minutes had a torrid time trying to distinguish between the issue of the new church window and Sylvester Stallone having elocution lessons. To be honest it wasn’t a great performance, half the cast weren’t even seasoned actors. Rex Harrison’s character was played by a cat; although surprisingly enough the cat gave the best performance. He packed his bags and flew off to Hollywood shortly after that, he got a walk on part in CSI. I was pretty depressed after the musical fiasco, so I just moped around watching old episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, which in itself is an incredibly depressing thing to be doing. So I mindlessly skipped from one channel to another until I came across an old American TV show from the 70’s called “Little house on the Prairie”. As soon as it appeared on the TV it was like the world became a much nicer place and all the annoyances from the past few days just floated away. So I watched an episode, and when that finished I watched another episode, then another, then another, until before I knew it I’d seen all 203 episodes and owned seasons 1-9 on DVD. I even had the theme tune as my ringtone. It was pretty safe to say I was obsessed. I wanted to be an Ingalls so badly, and live in Walnut Grove, and shop at Oleson’s Mercantile, and give that mean old Nellie Oleson a piece of my mind! I was watching it so much my friends and family were worried about me; so much so they sat me down one day and gave me an intervention. As I sat there with my Laura Ingalls’ pig tails wig on my head listening to what each one of them had to say, I slowly began to realise how much Little house on the Prairie had taken over my life; and I’m pretty certain Melissa Gilbert was getting sick of the constant fan letters I was sending her. So I agreed to give it up cold turkey; and so there I was back to watching Keeping up with Kardashians again. And once again out of sheer boredom I skipped from channel to channel in a vacant stare and… that’s when I discovered “The Waltons”. So as I write these words, dressed in my John boy replica dungarees, I just want to wish you all a happy and healthy new year, and I hope 2014 brings you success and joy in all your artistic pursuits.

much love
Paul Hickson


  • Pooh
    Pooh9 months ago

    You need to watch WAGON TRAIN, THE LOVE BOAT and NEIGHBOURS (the early years) they will give you a new perspective on your life, strong with uplifting moral virtues and black and white can set the tone to a whole new life.

  • Hey yeah I sure will thanks for the tip Pooh bear! and thanks for reading buddy!

    – Paul Hickson

  • Susie Peek
    Susie Peek9 months ago

    Ha ha brilliant as always Paul … although I’m surprised you didn’t end it with ‘Good night, John Boy’ … how about Bonanza? .. now that’s one that ran and ran and should keep you busy :) … a belated happy new year to you :)

  • Hahaha!! Oh Susie how could I have missed out “Goodnight John boy”? I feel so ashamed of myself! it would have made the perfect sign off lol Oh I love Bonanza! in fact I was watching it just the other day! I will watch anything with Michael Landon in it, the guy was such a great actor.

    – Paul Hickson

  • Jennifer Rhoades
    Jennifer Rhoades9 months ago

    Thanks for the hearty laugh! Little House on the Prairie ring tone! Hahaha! You should really add John Boy’s mole to your costume. It really makes it. Happy New Year to you, too, even if I think there are better ways to spend your days—like watching a “24” Marathon.

  • I’ve never actually seen 24, but all my friends used to watch it and they would have conversations about it, so to appear cool and hip with the rest of the crowd I used to pretend that I had and say things like “Yeah totally, I loved that bit when Donald Sutherland’s son did that thing that he did” they didn’t suspect a thing lol haha yeah I got a black pen and drew one on my face, but shortly after I did I noticed the pen was a permanent marker lol

    – Paul Hickson

  • Ellanita
    Ellanita9 months ago

    You are the best….a few days ago I shared with a friend how I use to love Little House on the Prairie and the Wantons…and here you are with your great story…..keep them coming…..I like a good happy laugh…All the best to you in this still very New Year…..you are awesome Paul…….xx

  • Hahaha! aww Little house is the best isn’t it?! its like comfort food, it just makes you feel so warm inside, I just adore it :) aww im glad you found joy in this Ellanita, thanks for reading!! xoxox

    – Paul Hickson

  • autumnwind
    autumnwind9 months ago

    Happy wonderful new year Paul! Thanks for keeping us entertained, smiling and giggling! Personally speaking, it is greatly appreciated and much better than any therapy! LOL : )))
    Warm hugs, shar oxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • aww Shar you are so lovely! I so appreciate all of your wonderful comments, and the time you take out to read my crazy wacky stories lol People tend to be put off by the longer written pieces but you always read them and I am so so grateful for that Shar, thank you so much for all your support my super kind and lovely friend!!!
    Super duper mega hugs!!! xoxoxoxoxox

    – Paul Hickson

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown7 months ago

    Following you now Paul as your writing makes me laugh so much. Thanks for that…you brighten a dreary day.
    If you like things with Michael Landon in give Highway to Heaven a watch but have a box of tissues handy.

  • Hahaha! Hey Im following you too as those coloured chickens were by far the most trendiest looking chickens I have ever seen and put a big smile on my face for the whole day :) Yeah I watched a couple of episodes of Highway to Heaven but I couldn’t stop wondering where the rest of the Ingalls family had gone to, I kept pretending that papa Ingalls and Mr Edwards had time-traveled lol

    – Paul Hickson