Creativity defines me as a person. I am always looking for new opportunities to express myself and the visual world around me. Photography, painting or drawing are mediums that allow me to indulge in my expression.

I have a Bachalor degree in Illustration Design and during my time at uni was scouted by an Architectural firm specializing in up-market home renovations and installations where i have since become a senior design co-ordinator fulfilling many roles including graphic design, building design, interior design, project management and photography.

In my private life i have been a keen weather enthusiast and storm chaser. I’ve been an active member of the Australian Severe Weather Assoc. (ASWA) for over 8 years now, and now sit on the national committee. Storm chasing started with very naive photography but with the inclusion of my role at the firm, and my creative side coming out, i strive to incorporate my love of landscape photography and storm photography. Both land and sky are intrinsically related to each other and i love the interplay between them.

I sincerely hope you enjoy some of the images that i have created. I still am learning my craft and hope to one day move to full time with my photography, what better office would there be than under a storm in the middle of nowhere, i ask?

  • Joined: May 2009