I am an architect in Sydney, and I am passionate about 3D animation, graphic design and photography.

I will work across traditional and digital mediums and love art!!! It is just great to find something inspiring and share it with others.

For photography, I am currently using Olympus OM-D E-M5 Panasonic GX1 with a set of Micro Four Thirds zoom and prime lenses, with many adapted manual lenses, depends on the occasion and type of photos to take.

All artwork and photos posted are taken by me, and all rights reserved.

Redbubble’s print quality is very good. The products do not come with the watermark and is made with high resolution image. I got some samples and they are great!

Hope you enjoy my online portfolio!

You can also find me on google+


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thankyou note

Thanks for the purchase of the “Sakura – Blue Mountain TEE”. / Have a merry christmas.
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Update on my recent activity

My architectural work load has increased lately, and I had less time with the love of photography. The redbubble site remains a good reference for potential clients to see and purchase my prints and it had brought my little hobby some assignments and income for the gear to make more images. / I am glad that some of these images are licensed for website branding use, while others images had went i…
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Thankyou note

Thankyou for supporting me by purchasing T-shirt stickers and postcard from me this X’mas, and I hope you enjoy my design. I will upload some new content very soon, so stay tuned. / Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. / :hinting
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15 months with Micro Four Third System

I have spend 15 months with Micro Four Third System so far. The journey has been liberating. I was first attracted the the compact factor of the Panasonic DMC-GF1 camera, and the smaller size interchangable lenses. / Soon after the purchase, I realise that there are many adaptors available on the Micro Four Third mount to adapt lenses with manual settings. I am soon addicted to the second hand…
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