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Hello everybody!
I’am often asked if I sell prints of my works. Yes, I do, and I was used to print limited edition of 100 copies. At the moment my involvment in fine art market is growing rapidly and I’m participating in several shows and publications. As a consequence I’m starting to deal with a different audience, gallery’s customers, whom are very demanding, so I had to review the business part of my work. Before going on I have to say I hate speaking about business related to my art, but I also have to face the fact that I chose to live on my art and even though I still create for the pleasure to create, the issue “money” is unfortunately someting unavoidable for a young artist.
That said, from now on I will print only limited edition of 7 copies (these are considered one-of-a-kind items, and come signed and numbered on the back), purchasable only in a gallery or directly from me (email at
Of couse prices for limited edition works are pretty high and not so many people can afford one. So I thought to open this account in order to allow those who like my images to buy copies at a lower price. Of course they won’t have the same value as limited edition images, they’re not numbered and hand-signed (though I kept a printed signature in a corner) and won’t gain value as time goes on.
Anyway I hope you will enjoy my decision and possibly keep on dreaming with me.


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