Hiroko Sakai

Hiroko Sakai

San Francisco, United States

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Hiroko Sakai is a Japanese artist,
and has been living and working in San Francisco California since 1998.
The intense passion that she conveys in her art has inspired deep expressions of emotion in viewers over the years.

In the early 90’s, her professional art career started in the graphic arts field in Japan.
After graduating from Nihon interior design school with a BA degree in design and rendering, she founded “Atelier Yume-Tsumugi Ltd.”
Operating the studio successfully for 5 years, she emphasized working on a variety of projects with varying requirements rather than focusing on a distinct style.
Many of her works there are displayed in a number of hospital lobbies, corporate offices, and commercial building entrances in Japan.

In 1998, she broadened the scope of her endeavors to include projects in the United States.

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The revised edition Rebirth and Ebooks of my Art available online now

The revised edition of “Rebirth”, which was my first Art book, has been re-published! / Also the E-book version of “Rebirth” and “Metamorphosis” for your iPad are available now, too. / Please check them out at my online gallery book section. / http://hirokosakai.com/books/index.html / Thank you~* / I appreciate if you can spread your words ❤
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I Got The 4th Of 10 Most Popular Artist Spotlights Of 2012 Retrospective

I found that I was put the 4th of “10 Most Popular Artist Spotlights of 2012 Retrospective” on today’s article of “Artpromotivate” . / Please check them out. / http://www.artpromotivate.com/2012/12/most-popular-artist-spotlights-2012.html?goback=.gde_1499367_member_195564507 / Thank you~*
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Let me hear your voice about my Art ❤

Hi, friends. / I have just added the comment section on the press page on my website. I would be very happy and appreciate if you can sweetly leave your “nice” word for my Art ❤ Thank you~* / http://www.hirokosakaifineart.com/about/press/index.html
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Beautiful Art Book Of Hiroko Sakai Has Been Just Released Today

Hiroko Sakai Fine Art second book, “Metamorphosis” was released today. / In this book, Hiroko has weaved some stories of her surreal experiences in the last decade in San Francisco with her beautiful artworks, which had started in dark chaos and lead her to where she is standing now. / This book would give you new inspiration and strength in your life. / -You know, if somebody’…
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