DROUGHT! A difficult year for all.......

Odd evening tonight. Very warm – summer warm, yet its only 8 days into spring.

The frogs are very vocal. A rhapsody of concern outside, pleading to mother nature to make it rain. Its a song in vain I fear.

Random downbursts, sinking vortexes of wind and pressure skulk through the atmosphere.
Dead calm, then a strong gust of wind drops straight down from the sky above. The house creaks, the gate rattles and dinner plate drops of rain numbered around 25, but no more, crash onto the tin roof like pebbles from the sky. The weather station records nothing as dramatic as the complaints from the house would suggest.

Then as fast as it comes its gone. Odd??

A new weather system is on the approach. It looked good for a while too. Rain was on the forecast!!

Bummer, its weakening.
Bummer, it looks like the promised rains might have been a clutch at straws.

Am worried by the downturn. I’ll be out of dam water by December at the current rate of season collapse.

The cows will be thirsty.

This is all too common a story across Australia. What will happen will happen, but the tough walk is still to come.

Better get out the crutches I suppose.
Looks to the heavens and shouts – “You can break my legs ya bastard, but ya won’t stop me!!”

This time next year will make the present look like a walk in the park. As this season rapidly collapses into weather anarchy yet again my thoughts cannot help but drift to the pessimistic view. I will see it through – just, but my income is supplemented from outside sources. I am lucky.

My thoughts and prayers drift to those families whose soul resides IN the land and will have their spirit cut asunder this year.
Am thinking of you lot – you are not alone.

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