fatherhood in the first

What a trip this is! I thought I was prepared. All my mates have kids after all and I watched and learn’t (so I though) as they progressed through trials and tribulations. Yeah its not always easy but its not that hard is it?

“insert game show buzzer here”

Er yeah it is that hard I quickly found out! Most of all I think its the sleep deprivation that turns you into someone else that you can only watch from the inside wondering “why am I acting like this”?
Then along comes a good nights sleep (relatively speaking) and the sun comes out and the day is unbelievable! Your brain works, your face smiles, everything flows like water over the falls. Its great to be alive!
Its just a bit of sleep. Is it really that important? YOU BETCHA!!

Let me add a disclaimer here for those who may see this baby thing as doom and gloom. There are moments of gold that outweigh by a billion tons the frustration times.
The holding of this screaming little bundle, still wet from birth, living human not yet a minute old is a feeling words cannot describe. Bugger it all the cliches are right about this moment!
When they smile at you with complete trust and innocence it blows my mind every time melting me like butter in the sun.
When they projectile vomit into your face…… er oops! You get to laugh heartily about this afterwards, after all your wife laughs at the time. ;-)

Now I wait with bated breath for the first time they say “Dad, can I borrow the car for the weekend, and, oh, can I have a hundred bucks as well?”
hhhmmmmm, now let me think….

Revenge will be mine! muahahahaha

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