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Floating milk

one-a.m. / Foggy in the full moon tonight. / Dead calm outside. / Still is just a description, reality is calmer. / Sounds are capped, no trapped in the fog, unable to escape. / A cow bellows, a kilometre distant yet somehow next to me. / Eerie owl calls thread their way between obstacles to pervade infinity. / Awesome. / The wind and trees may be quiet, unmoving with solidity. / Yet somehow…
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A friday the 13th tale

I am not really superstitious, but this is too good to let go….. / So here goes the story of Friday the 13th at my place.. / During the week I shifted the cows to a different paddock. / Yesterday (Friday) they decided was the day to wander back in to that paddock through the gate I had so air headedly left open in the far back corner to the raceway. DOH! / Yesterday they decided that they c…
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Oh No!

I hab come down wib a cold tonight. / I feel terri-bubble
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DROUGHT! A difficult year for all.......

Odd evening tonight. Very warm – summer warm, yet its only 8 days into spring. / The frogs are very vocal. A rhapsody of concern outside, pleading to mother nature to make it rain. Its a song in vain I fear. / Random downbursts, sinking vortexes of wind and pressure skulk through the atmosphere. / Dead calm, then a strong gust of wind drops straight down from the sky above. The house creak…
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