Pluto the Transformer Planet

It takes Pluto a whopping 248 years to complete its orbit around the zodiac and, it Pluto is a tiny, distant body, invisible to the naked eye. Yet, Pluto is incredibly powerful, a force for total transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Pluto asks us to go beyond what we know, redeem ourselves in the process and come out stronger as a result. Pluto represents how we direct our lives.
It takes between 12 and 31 years to pass through a zodiac sign. For the past 12 years Pluto had been stationed in the sign of Sagittarius. Then on January 25, for the very first time since 1778, Pluto moved into the sign of Capricorn!

Now that Pluto is retrograde, it returns to the sign of Sagittarius for about six months until it turns direct again on September 9, moving back into Capricorn in November — where it settles down for the next 16 years! This six-month period is the last time in your lifetime that you will experience the energy of Pluto in Sagittarius! and the last chance for Sagis and Geminis to put things right that need to be put right.
Sagi and Gemini are in a polarity to one another, that means they are opposite to each other, and take some of the traits of the other sign on board.

Sagittarius is associated with foreign travel, foreign countries and cultures, religion, the law, higher education and all things that expand one’s experience and freedom. The sojourn of Pluto in Sagittarius has seen significant events on a global level. On a personal level, the issues you may have had to deal with for the past few years would be very dependent on where Pluto is placed in your individual birth chart as well as where it has been transiting.

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  • TeriLee
    TeriLeeabout 6 years ago

    That is so wierd….cuz I was doing images of all the planets……and when I got to pluto my computer kept freezing up and acting wierd….it took weeks to finally be able to finish my Pluto image…I even posted a journal entry about Pluto hating me…lol…I’m a Capricorn…..hmmmm :)

  • You will have been changing things of late and transforming, now he is moving out for a while, but he will be back and then you get the opportunity to be a brand new you!!! love and hugs xxx

    – hilarydougill

  • barnsis
    barnsisabout 6 years ago

    Does this mean that since I am a capricorn i will be receiving increased benefits from Pluto during this transition??

  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksabout 6 years ago

    Hilary, I love your rich fund of knowledge about astrology. You consistently present us with fascinating material introducing us to your vast fund of information on various subjects. Since I am a science fiction fan, I have created several fictional planets and stories that you have inspired me to upload.

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarabout 6 years ago

    Hilary, Very interesting…you bring to light so much that I am not aware of…Sally xxoo

  • mrscarlotta
    mrscarlottaabout 6 years ago

    Thanks gorgeous, I have two sagittarian girls, u really know your stuff hon, love u xxxxx

  • Kristina K
    Kristina Kabout 6 years ago

    My hubby is a sagi, in every way…i am leo, so i tend to keep him ground know the half man half horse thing, top half with the heart stays at home and the bottom half likes to wonder..not so much any more thank fully.
    thanks for the insite.

  • pijinlane
    pijinlaneabout 6 years ago

    This would certainly explain what has been happening to my daughter this past little while … she is Capricorn … thanks for that Hilary

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