Natural Medicine - made easy Part 11.

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In ancient times it would have been called the medicines from the
Gods. Today it is either called Natural Medicine or Alternative
Medicine, that is being an alternative to Allopathic medicine that
which is compiled of chemicals.
There are varying types of natural medicines. Herbal Homeopathic,
Aromatherapy, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Massage,Acupuncture, Acupressure, Osteopathy,Chiropathy, Reflexology,
Colour Therapy, to name but a few.
Lets take but a few, we will start with Herbal Medicine.

With Herbal medicine of course there are poisonous plants on the
planet as well as beneficent, and those that are poisonous are
avoided for obvious reasons. When a plant is safe then different
parts of that plant are used, or in some cases all of the plant.
Herbal medicine uses flora only . The flowers, the stamen, the root,
the leaves, and as already stated, in some cases the whole plant.
One plant may have many properties, it maybe
Aromatic,(agreeable to taste and smell) Diuretic (causes an
increase in the flow of Urine) and Diaphoretic (will stimulate and
cause perspiration) ( A sedative Diaphoretic is one which dilates
the vessels of the skins. Those which cause copious perspiration
are called Sudorifics). The same principle applies to shrubs and
trees, all or some parts of them can be used for varying ailments.

The history of Herbal Medicine can be traced back more than
5,000 years, and the ancient Egyptians were adepts at
administering potions. And their embalming techniques are to be
marvelled at even after all this time. There are even passages in the
Bible relating to different beneficial herbs.
Everyone knows the humble Lettuce which we eat with tomatoes
and onions in the form of a salad, but did you know that Lettuce is
a diuretic and very good for you? We eat herbs everyday without
even knowing we are eating them.
As with all medicines every endeavour must be made to remove the
cause of any toxic condition, otherwise no matter what alternative
therapy, or any other therapy, is used the condition will continue.
Attention must be paid to the digestive system as well as the
possible nervous and psychological causes. Alteratives ( that which
causes a favourable change in the process of repair, which causes a
cleaning of the blood without necessarily evacuating the bowels,
thus improving the nutrition to the blood) presented in small continuous doses improve the quality of the blood, increase the
appetite, promote digestion, and accelerate the elimination of
toxins present. One such alterative is Red Clover tops, we use this
widely to help people either with or recovering from Cancer.
A small quantity of the herb to be used usually one teaspoon to one
cupful of water or one ounce to one pint -( usually a teaspoon is
half of one ounce and a cup is half of one pint) of boiling water
and left to stand, approximately ten minutes is a good guideline,
then it is strained through a tea-strainer or similar, and drunk,
sometimes three times a day, sometimes only once. Or, the herb is
boiled for some time, strained and drunk as before. Of course, if a
poultice is being made then the part left in the strainer is that which
is used. A wonderful poultice for pain of sprains, breaks or injuries
(not open wounds) is Comfrey -Symphytum Officinale or to use its
old common name Knitbone. The reason I have put not open
wounds is, because it heals so well that if there is pus in the wound
it will heal over it, thus causing even more problems. It can
however be taken as a drink (Using the method of 1 to 1 and
leaving to soak for five to ten minutes and then straining) for
stomach ulcers and the like.
Culpeper (another ancient well known herbalist) once said of Comfrey ‘…if the roots be boiled with sissevered pieces of flesh in a pot, it will join them together
again…’ If the roots are dug up fresh, beaten small and spread
onto a poultice this works wonders on Gout to ease the pains
thereof. Comfrey of course grows in most people’s gardens and
can be found copiously around and about the countryside.

Unlike Homeopathy,(from the Greek Homoios and pathos meaning
Like Suffering) where everything can be used, including the
poisonous plants and trees, even animal and earth particles play
their part. Of course, everything is diluted into a state where it is
rendered harmless when taken.
The principle of treating like with like was well known to the
ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates (the Father of the medicine
we know today, have you heard of the Hippocratic Oath?) and
Paracelsus, however the concept was developed to its present form
by A Dr.Samuel Hahnemann (known as the Father of
Homeopathy) at the end of the 18th Century developed this based
on the principle of Similia similibus curentur , ‘let like be treated
(or cured) by the like , whereby a particular disease is treated with very small dose of a drug that in larger quantities would cause the
symptoms in a healthy person, just the same as if you are bitten by a
snake then you are given the venom of that snake to effect a cure,
same principle.
Dr.Hahnemann and his followers took small doses of various
poisonous, medical and other substances over a prolonged period
and noted methodically the symptoms which the substances
produced. This is called proving and the detailed descriptions of
the symptoms produced by these substances on Healthy testers is
called Drug pictures. When the Drug picture matches exactly with
the patient’s major symptoms then that drug is prescribed in a very
small dose. Such treatment is generally found to be remarkably
effective for both chronic and acute illness. Chronic illness means
you have had it for quite some time, while acute means you have
just started with it.
In 1821 there were 62 proven remedies, today there are over
Homeopathic practitioners do not simply treat the dis-ease or its
symptoms, they believe that the whole person should be treated not
just the dis-ease. The patient’s constitution as well as his mental attitude and
make-up must also be taken into consideration to find the underlying cause as to why he became dis-eased, because disease
is only the body being dis-at-ease. (uneasy).
In order to treat the whole person the practitioner must have a multi-
dimensional picture of the patient’s condition and even his lifestyle,
not just his symptoms, in fact, the symptoms may be the least
important consideration when prescribing a particular remedy. The
patient’s present but also his past condition or conditions as well as
his family history must come into this consideration, along with his
personality, his likes, dislikes,fears, inhibitions, aspirations,
general habits, temperament and tendencies, colour and condition
of his hair, eyes, skin, etc.,
Once this multi-dimensional picture is built up then the remedy
which matches this drug picture most accurately will be
prescribed. But you can see nothing is left to chance and he is not
being treated for his symptoms alone. He is being treated, the
whole him. ( or she is being treated the whole her).
Different patients with the same disease may in fact require
different remedies depending on their personality. The element (the
flora, fauna or mineral to be used) is diluted or triturated into the
small dose cure.
Homeopathy can be used fundamentally, whereby the symptom or
disease is treated, but this would only be an emergency measure.
When you purchase Homeopathic tablets in a health food shop or
chemists, then you are using the treatment fundamentally, unless of
course you own a Boericke’s Materia Medica and you have worked
out all of the drug picture. Using Boericke’s is a little like an
Agatha Christie thriller, except you turn detective instead of
A Homeopath is not really interested in the Particular symptoms
such as my sore throat or my eczema or other general ache and pain
symptoms. A Homeopath is primarily concerned with the First
Grade Generals that characterize the patient – his mental state,
habits, traits and even his dreams, everything that makes him, the
patient, the unique creature that he is.

With Aromatics, i.e. Oils, Essences etc., the oils from the plant are
distilled and added to a carrier oil, or in the case of essences to a
carrier suitable for them, sometimes the suitable carrier is alcohol.
The oil is massaged into the body at the appropriate area or used in
a bath, it is rarely taken by mouth. Essences are used in minute
doses and can be taken by mouth, usually 3 drops on the tongue.
There are other forms of Alternative medicine of course other than
the ones mentioned.
There are many forms of massage, Remedial,and Shiatsu to name
but two. There is Acupuncture, where a minute needle is inserted
into a meridian and sends its message to the damaged part, each
Meridian refers to a particular organ and the energy flow in that
meridian indicates the functional state of that organ.
The Ancient Chinese believed that Meridians were the specific
channels through which energy flowed,and these cover the entire
body, from the top of the head to the tip of the toes., from side to
side and from inside to outside. The energy or life force, which the
Chinese call chi must be in balance and flow freely through the
meridians, and a break in circulation of these energy flows would
result in dis-ease.
We personally use an electronic device which has a retracting
needle, it doesn’t break the flesh, and when the ailing meridian is
found, an electric impulse is sent to that meridian. This is quite
painless, as is Acupuncture it must be pointed out, and we call it
acupressure. (well, there is no puncture).
Unlike Allopathic medicine Natural or Alternative medicines
(whatever you want to call them) are quite happy to work in
tandem with each other without causing nasty side effects. In fact it
is very often quicker to use more than one type of treatment to
effect a cure. It is also very important to treat the whole person, if
there is an effect, i.e. the symptom, then there is a cause, and it is
that cause that Natural Medicine Practitioners look for, they treat
the cause not the effect.
Over the years we have treated many patients for many illnesses
and in the following pages it is our intention to advise the reader as
to some of the treatments used with a hope that the information
may be of some use in allaying some of their fears and providing a
cure for something they have possibly been told they will have to
live with.
We hope you enjoy the following,as you will appreciate actual
names could not be used because of patient confidentiality, but the
facts are accurate.

Natural Medicine - made easy Part 11.


Co Durham, United Kingdom

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