This is the reply I received from my enquiry to RB about pininterest. Hope it helps. love and hugs and blessings to all. Hilary xxx

Recently there was a [blog post]( that went out that you may be interested in reading through. Basically you can easily remove the “Pin it” button by heading over to your [Account Settings](, scrolling to the bottom, clicking the relevant “Hide the Pin it” box and saving your settings.

please read

The following was sent to me and I am forwarding it to you. I personally cannot understand what RB hope to gain from this, because no one will be buying anything. Anyway read and make your own mind up. Love and hugs Hilaryxxx…

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Laura Retyi
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Members What Is This About
SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
Important information for all RB Members

Here’s A Great Link to Better Understand This Pinterest Site:
Pinterest site’s massive repository of RB artwork

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
Yesterday Redbubble added a new function to the site, they added a “Pin it” button to allow anyone to pin w

I found a treat today

on RB.


What a find!!! and what a wonderful talent. A fantastic artist. He does the most incredible paintings and sketches.

Do go and feast your eyes on his wonderful work. It is a real Treat!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been on much lately, but still think about you all, all of the time. Love all of this wonderful family so much.

Love and hugs and Blessings\

Rainbow warriors needed

Hi all, \We have a newby who needs the Rainbow warriors to do their ‘stuff’.
name of Re’em Eyal.
Needs comments, encouragement and YOU
Sorry I am not around so much, but work commitments, and major alterations to the house have kept me a bit busy (to say the least), but it does not mean I don’t think about you all, and I do look at your work whenever I have a minute, I just don’t always have time to comment, sorry about that.
I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.
I Wish you everything you wish for yourselves.
Love and hugs and Blessings to you all, my huge extended family.


Call to Rainbow warriors - A newby to view

Hi everyone, long time no see. Sorry about that. It is getting a little easier, but not a lot.

I have come across a ‘newby’ who has great work, but is in need of encouragement and the huge love and support which only you are capable of, the great RB family.

Please go and look at his work and comment and favourite. His name is

We all know what it is like to be a ‘newby’ on RB.

Don’t think because I don’t comment much on your wonderful work, that I don’t think about you, I do. , and love you all lots.

Huge hugs and xxx


Hi everyone

Greeting to one and all. So sorry I am not around much at the moment, but I am sure it will get better, sooner or later. haha.

I would like you to go and take a look at a young man called daniel duffy. He has some wonderful work, but hasn’t had a lot of attention. We all know how that feels, so please go and give him a warm welcome, as only the Rainbow Warriors of the RB family can. He is young and new on here, and needs all the encouragement he can get, I know I can rely on you.

Love and hugs and Blessings to you all. Love you lotsxxx


to KazM on her birth of her wonderful new Grand daughter Acacia Jay (Isn’t that a wonderful name?)

I don’t get on here very often, but this was such a special occasion. Please go and congratulate her and look at her wonderful work.

I have know Kaz since she joined RB and she has come on in leaps and bounds, and is a really good artist.

Love and hugs and blessings to Kaz, the new baby, and to you all


Thank you, thank you, thank you,

to the person who purchased Petra the Red City.

I cannot tell you how delighted I am. Absolutely made my day.Not because I am going to get 21pence but because you liked it enough to buy it.

I have now sold 29 items and have made the grand total of £14.54 about $6

It isn’t about the money, or lack of it, it is about someone liking your work and paying you the honour of purchasing something that you created.

Thank you again, I only wish I knew who you were.

Love and hugs and blessings to you all for 2011 and beyond. Hilaryxxx

New group

We, Myself, Barry Norton and mousesuzy have just started a new group, Beautiful North -UK. If you live from Manchester to the Borders of Scotland, do please drop by and add your wonderful views of your county.
If you want to put in flowers or animals from your part of the world that is fine, but do try and get some background of the surrounding area and write a small bio (or large whichever you like) about the area.
We would love to have you with us.
Love and hugs to all
Hilary, Barry and Suzy

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