HeLlO! tHaNkS fOr DrOpPiNg By My PaGe, If YoU WaNt To GeT tO kNoW mE mOrE bMaiL mE.
P.S I’m NoT oN hEre AlL tHe TiMe ThOuGh.
HoPe YoUr HaViNg A FAB dAy!

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I had a dream the other night it scared me because i usuly dream peacful dreams. / I was in a room a dark room with dim light and i was hearing screams, A half human, half monster came at me and i had an axe in my hand already coverd in blood. I started slashing and hacking at the human,monster creature even when he/she was dead i couldnt stop and I was laughing. I was scared of myself in my drea…
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The Weekend

Friday- Got one wisdom teeth pulled out (sobs) / My boyfriend stayed the night and farted in bed, eewwww!!!! / Saturday- I caught the bus into another town, mum picked me up. We looked at budgies 22 dollars I sooo wanted the bright yellow baby budgie!!!! / then we went to Yamba, mum did lots of shopping! we didnt get home till 3pm in the arvo and I had 2 hour Sleep I was exausted / Sunday- gave m…
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Dear World Thank You

W= Wonderful / O= Ongoing / R= Revalution / L= Love / D=Delightful / Dear World and Dear God, / Thank you for everything you have given me, / Thank you for family and friends, the air to breath, the ground to walk on, thank you for heaven and hell, love and fear, kindness and carefree, thank you for dreams and imagination, angels and demons, laughter and spirit, thank you for emotion and mother n…
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a new life

One day me and my boyfriend wants to start a family having 2 kids! we were talking about it today I cant wait! I sooo want to be a mum. And my dreams and thoughts wouldnt be bad anymore they’d be full of love,laughter fun memories and children. Thats what i want.
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