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Hena Tayeb

Marlboro, United States

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what could i say

I have always felt that we write best when we write about what we know. So here I sit, staring at the paper of a yellow legal pad, twiddling the blue pen between my fingers thinking just how much or how little I know.
I made the mistake of thinking I knew it all when I supposedly wrote my first novel. When I say novel I refer to the notepads full of romantic nonsense that I had pooled together with the help of all the Sweet Valley’s, Sweet Dreams and Love Stories I had read during my early years of idealistic puppy love. To Love, Loose and Find is what I had called it, all in all a story littered with plot inconsistencies and clichés.
The disastrous first effort certainly proved the point of writing what you know, as I knew nothing of romance but only of the fabrications of others that I had read. But along the way I learnt that I truly enjoyed writing. It was not a question of good or bad, success or failure; I loved to write whether it was a term paper or an email, a poem or short story. Putting pen to paper, yes I believe in pen and paper, the computer screen does nothing to inspire me; and allowing the words, thoughts and feelings, opinions and statements to just tumble out, it is freeing.
Today, a few days shy of turning twenty four, fresh out of college, married and unemployed; I still sit and wonder how much more I have yet to know. I am no expert on anything then what could I possibly have to write that others may want to read? What could I possibly narrate that others haven’t heard before?


  • LindaR
    LindaRalmost 7 years ago

    your honest writing here ~ one we can all relate to ~ is a great place to be & remain ~ what I mean is staying open to always be learning and questioning…what is interesting I have found is in reviewing my own earlier writing and how it points to the same lessons again and again until I finally learn from it & can move on.
    What is also true is not to judge so much of ourselves ~ the negative kind ~ and continue to write…and thank you for yours posted here. I will look forward to more! Linda xxx

  • thank you for your reply. i had written this so long ago i almost forgot about it. i appreciate your advice.

    – Hena Tayeb

  • karldenton
    karldentonalmost 7 years ago

    “I still sit and wonder how much more I have yet to know. I am no expert on anything then what could I possibly have to write that others may want to read? What could I possibly narrate that others haven’t heard before?”

    That was the bit that got me…

    You have yet to learn everything and nothing because when you sit down and hold your pen and paper in your hand at 48 you will still ask the same questions. You will have done everything imaginable in that time and still wonder “how much have I yet to learn” You already know what to write about, the thoughts are in your head and the fact that people are reading this tells you there is something to say and others will listen. I could list the things I have not heard before but that would take another 48 years…

    You know what to write about, it’s in your heart, does it matter how many will read it or that they may have heard someone else’s variation? I ask myself that every time I pick up my camera or a paint brush… who is going to care about this? And then I discover the answer: Everyone and no-one!

    Keep writing… if you can spur this from an old guy over lunch you are doing something right!


  • thank you for you words. the fact that you took time out to comment on my little rant gives me hope. thank you.

    – Hena Tayeb

  • dougie1
    dougie1over 6 years ago

    sounds to me like you have it all together?

  • haha..has anyone ever had it all together? But hopefully getting there, or as close as one could get.

    – Hena Tayeb

  • dougie1
    dougie1over 6 years ago

    maybe you need to talk it over with a sympathetic ear?

  • well its a good thing i have a few of those. this journal entry in more than a few months old..i’m definately not feeling as lost as i was then. have found some direction. thanks

    – Hena Tayeb

  • Cyril Marchand
    Cyril Marchandabout 6 years ago

    I still being writing my life, page after page, and still being unable to say how could be next chapter !
    Point is I don’t want to do as so many people does reading first the last lines, the last words… whatever could be the end, life is great !!!
    Thanks Hena, happy new year, happy new chapter and keep going !

  • thank you for your kind words. Happy new year to you and wish you the best

    – Hena Tayeb