I woke up one day with my mind exploding in pictures and colours. Travelling through my arms and hands and through the brush and paint they made it onto the paper. This was the start of my craving to paint. And the start of my Heart Journey.

Well, so far the Heart Journey has taken me to yet undiscovered places. See the world through my lens:

“Where reality is surreal and surreal is reality. The perplexity of living is like diamond dust captured in a sun ray. It warms your heartbeat and makes your eyes smile brightly. And it cuts your throat and freezes your movements.”

I reveal but I hide. I die and I live every day. But love conquers all.

I hope you will enjoy my journey. You will encounter works in water colour as well as in oil but there are also works in mixed water and oil. Being self-taught, I developed my techniques in each painting along the way in order to capture the exact emotion intended.


  • Joined: January 2009