Stolen Laptops

Well nobody died and we still have our cameras but our laptops were stolen from our car yesterday in Fremantle , devasted as I have lost 3 mnths worth of photos (big lesson backup photos often). Now im a lost soul not being able to work on anything until insurance comes through fingers crossed (perhaps its time to step into the Mac world at last) Rather an emotionl time I guess so I best not ramble on to much. Will drop into the library an check things every few days when I can.

Devasted an lost heading back home to clean out the girls rooms an talk to our chickens (hopefully they might lay us some eggs).


  • Melissa Dickson
    Melissa Dicksonover 3 years ago

    Oh Henna, that is terrible news… my thoughts are with you xxx

  • Not sure how some people can live with themselves , its all so costly an time consuming dispite insurance we just feel so ripped off

    – HennaGoddess

  • waxyfrog
    waxyfrogover 3 years ago

    How horrible. I feel so sorry for you. I have backed up some of my photo’s but will do more now. Talking to the chickens is better than housework. :o) Hope you are back on here soon. xxx

  • So glad its prompted you to do backups , Chickens are laying eggs yayy for us no more buying them . Our house is a bit more on the sparkly side but I seem to have lost a little sparkle not being able to work on the fab photos I took over the weekend xx

    – HennaGoddess

  • NautilusBlue
    NautilusBlueover 3 years ago

    Oh! lets hope the thieves don’t access you private info and take more then your laptops. So sad for you xoxoxox

  • My partner froze all internet banking and our paypal account so fingers crossed we will be ok , really not felt so awful in a long time I hope something happens to them to make them understand how it feels . Xx

    – HennaGoddess

  • Jessica Hooper
    Jessica Hooperover 3 years ago

    oh what a shame, its unfortunate to hear that happened to you :(

  • Big lesson really they smashed one of the windows to get in so we had to drive over 200km with a tarp duct taped to the outside of the car back home we made jokes its was like camping when it started to rain lol

    – HennaGoddess

  • jason21
    jason21over 3 years ago

    X X X

  • Xx

    – HennaGoddess

  • Chris Paddick
    Chris Paddickover 3 years ago

    Very sorry to learn about the theft of your gear Helen…
    Try back up more often yeah and also go MAC and NEVER look back !!!
    I have an iMAC for home and the new Macbook pro i7 for on the go !!!
    LOVE em both to bits…

    And to the theives lets just hope that the BAD KARMA comes quickly for them!!!

  • Thanks Chris its just we not long forked out a lot of money on camera gear so our funds are low guess we will wait to see what the insurance side will cover an take stock on what is in our price range ( I would so love a Mac everyone raves about them) your so lucky you have 2 :)
    Yes bad Karma may the fleas of a thousand camels infest there nether regions or something worse perhaps.

    – HennaGoddess

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayover 3 years ago

    Oh that’s terrible!…what a rotten thing to happen the low mongrels….hope you get them back, I can’t imagine how devastating it must feel:(

  • Shanina it is terrible how some people move through life , I dont think we will get themback .But really glad our cameras are like a body part an never leave our sides Xx

    – HennaGoddess

  • Vanessa Barklay
    Vanessa Barklayover 3 years ago

    How awful Helen, we will all be here for you whenever you can make it back, I feel terrible your photos might be taken, maybe they will be returned, good luck! xoxoxox :O)

  • Cheers Vanessa my Brother has lent me his old slow Acer laptop so I can only browse an type its not happy about doing that at times ether . trying not to think about our photos its just better that way .will take a look at the back up drive later see what i have left but nothing from the new cameras .But lucky we still have the weekends photos just no where to load them. Xxx

    – HennaGoddess

  • EvaAn68
    EvaAn68over 3 years ago

    Oh no!!! :( xoxox

  • :( xxx

    – HennaGoddess

  • Elaine Teague
    Elaine Teagueover 3 years ago

    Oh, the worst nightmare. So sorry to hear this Helen. My commiserations.

  • Nightmare all right lets hope I wake up soon an its all a terrable dream Thanks Elaine Xxx

    – HennaGoddess