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Everything changes an RB has swung open a huge beautiful doorway

Everything has changed an its all in the way I look at everyday life , before I joined RB I looked for the beauty in each day because when your a busy Mum of two small toddlers and two young adults plus a hard working partner there just never seems to be enough hrs in the day to take care of it all then find time to recharge that inner light we all hold onto that spark of joyfulness that feeds our inner self .
Facebook gave me the taste for online sharing of photos an I just love it when people would comment on our little world, this inspired me further until my beautiful friend Debbie introduced me to RB ( Thank you Debbie your an Angel)
Now everywhere I go everything I look at im thinking photos and I cant stop lol I even go to sleep thinking about it.
We always loved having adventures but now there photo capturing adventures as well an I just love capturing those moments that I know in my heart are fleeting (little time capsules photos to look back on and treasure) .
RB is an absolute wealth of sparkling photography knowledge an inspiration .
Thank you to all my wonderful gorgeous RB friends for helping me along with your kind inspiring comments an favs.
Since joining in January I now have over 6043 views an 74 features OMG thank you every one of you for viewing my work (or featuring my work) and making me feel alive , inspired and for keeping me in the light .
Love an Light

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