I am a nature lover and an amateur photographer.
Nature is my main inspiration.Snow and ice, birds and water keep attracting my eye. So do trees amd flowers.
I am also interested in myth and history, especially the history of women, the `herstory´. I love to travel and to visit archeological sites and beautiful landscapes.
I use a compact camera, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

These are some of my photos:
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Abstracts from Nature

The City of Gothenburg & East Indiaman Götheborg

Heritage in Stone

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Features of 2012

First Forest Walk was featured in “European Everyday Life” / THANK YOU! / Christmas in Suburbia / was featured in Street Photogaphy and Photojournalism / THANK YOU! / ICE AGE – QLD QAK / was featured in Simply White Gallery / THANK YOU! / Notre Dame des Anges en Collioure / was featured in Christian Churches, Statues and Crosses Please have a look at this beautiful Exposure! / …
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Recent Features

Thanks to The Woman Photographer group / for featuring my image December City Lights / Thanks also to the hosts of Abstract Natures Macro Art / for featuring Cave Art in March / Many thanks to “A Place to Call Home” for featuring this image / Thanks to Angel Wings and Heaven for featuring Blue Angel Adoring
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Feature and Top Ten!

Featured here / by Rocks and Stones / Many thanks to the group hosts!! / The Ancient Mother Goddess of the Ödenäs Funt II here has an interesting story! / Ödenäs is an old rural village in the southern highland area of Sweden. / The present church houses this funt that was made for what may have been the first Christian church in this area.Christianity came late to Sweden, officially not until …
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"Art of the Bronze Age" Calendar for 2012

Here / Please go have a closer look! / HELUA
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