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The Ancient Mother Goddess of the Ödenäs Funt II here has an interesting story!

Ödenäs is an old rural village in the southern highland area of Sweden.
The present church houses this funt that was made for what may have been the first Christian church in this area.Christianity came late to Sweden, officially not until Olof Skötkonung decided to take the Christian Baptism in 1030 or there about. Most of Europe had been Christian for centuries and he was under political pressure to join the club, the EU of his day.
The carvings on this funt are unusual, I think. Very oldfashioned, almost heathen. Old and new beliefs and customs were weaved together and the funt is proof of this process. One can wonder what some of the figures mean…
The vulva is cut into the rock here as a sacred tribute to the Mother of God.
The cross had appeared already, as a female being with out-stretched arms on rock carvings from West Sweden, that are about 2000 years old. Christianity was unknown at that time and the main deity was still the Mother goddess, although male gods had been introduced and shared her popularity.

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