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When we met the Computer Painting we can say: the future has passed already. We are facing something new, a new form of art, a new expression. The world of plastic arts had a great jump inside of the traditional universe of the unimaginable. The artist substitutes the brush for the mouse and the painting canvas for the computer screen. What cannot be substituted is the talent of the artist and the inspiration of their works. We are not speaking about something mechanic that any specialist in computer science could accomplish, but the use of the modern tools forming an alliance with the talent and the true plastic artists’ sensibility.
The Computer Painting has been a true challenge in my life and my objective is to show the public the transformation of my works passing from my traditional art to the new universal horizon, through the computer. But is that really art? Some people think that it is just image editing and applying filters. They tend to think of the Computer Painting as something cold, without emotions. It is not true, because every art depends on feelings. The true art I can affirm is not so simple.
According to Celito Medeiros,… " no matter which the program the artist prefers, I believe that to begin or to finish a Computer Painting, all use Photoshop… Such program is very important to define the desired quality. Quality means to obtain technically perfect work for impression, independent of what is being painted, but how it is painted. In the Computer Painting, no effects are used; this can only be admitted in the formatting of the work for later painting. Thousands of brushes and millions of colors are available to use. Such colors in its nuances can be very well established in Photoshop, just after the painting is ready, as well as the technical details before if starting a Computer Painting.”
In Corel Painter (now I use Painter X) it is that the artist will demonstrate his talent. No use of filter. Everything is with brushes. In that program the painter will choose the technique – Oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, impasto for texture) and also the brush. And each painter has its own trace and own style. In the Computer Painting we can keep our images in a DVD or CD and printed. One of the printing techniques is the giclee, and we need no restoration.

Other Brazilian artists – see:

Michelle Behar

Claudia Alves


  • calves
    calvesalmost 6 years ago

    Fantastic informations Heloisa!!!
    Que bom que vc tb publicou um jornal sobre o assunto, assim vamos divulgando sobre os trabalhos digitais.
    Vc pode colocar esse mesmo texto dentro do meu jornal, por favor?…assim ficamos com mais informações…nesse jornal tem um link para vc, não sei se vc viu…

    Thank you very much,my friend:)

  • Thank you Claudia.

    – Heloisa Castro

  • Valerie Anne Kelly
    Valerie Anne K...almost 6 years ago

    I think sweetheART we artists that trained in the use of traditional tools are having a wonderful time with our new digital tools..amazing!!.. but you have to be creative to achieve any kind of art.. wonderful isn’t it lol! ;} happy hippy hugglez

  • Thank you.

    – Heloisa Castro

  • calves
    calvesalmost 6 years ago

    More informations about Computer Painting : here


  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryalmost 6 years ago

    It does not matter what tools the artist employs to create – it is the heart that makes the art.

    Gracias mi querido amiga.

  • Thank you Helen.

    – Heloisa Castro

  • Alan Findlater
    Alan Findlateralmost 6 years ago

    I can only agree with the greater minds above

  • Thank you Alan.

    – Heloisa Castro

    IRISHPIXalmost 6 years ago


  • Thank you.

    – Heloisa Castro

  • zooreka
    zoorekaalmost 6 years ago

    Hi Heloisa – I read that article myself yesterday. Great!!!! I am totally agreed. All thanks to Claudia.

    I am still waiting for the approval of our group – I will be in contact as soon as I have it!

    I really appreciate people like Valzart making this comment. I like her am one who not only has adapted to , but embraced the digital studio and darkroom. Wish traditionalists would wake up and smell the roses or very soon they might find themselves excluded and left behind as they tend to do to us at present!

  • Thank you.

    – Heloisa Castro

  • AnaCBStudio
    AnaCBStudioalmost 6 years ago

    Helen…Brazil language is portuguese…hehe
    Your words would be: “Obrigada minha querida amiga”

    Thanks for sharing this Heloisa…Hugs

  • Obrigada

    – Heloisa Castro

  • Celito Medeiros
    Celito Medeirosalmost 6 years ago

    Very nice to see them all here, discussing the ‘Computer Painging’. I am always very happy to have more artists on new tools for Academic Painting. The use of tablet or directly with the mouse-brush, is a trick of technology that soon many artists use. It is the freedom to create and produce a work especially for use in various media to print.
    Keep a file of original painting with it perpetuates quality is never without a restoration.

  • Thank you Celito.

    – Heloisa Castro

  • calves
    calvesalmost 6 years ago