My name is Iordanis Lazaridis and I’m a tattoo artist and illustrator hailing from Greece with a huge passion for t-shirt design and all things geeky. I spent a good few years in Portsmouth, UK, studying illustration and even had my own little shop in Camden Town, London, selling collectible toys and geeky t-shirts for a while. My work has been published by companies like Alderac Entertainment Group and Mongoose Publishing on various RPG titles like Conan, Babylon 5, Starship Troopers, Elric of Melniboné, Battlefield Evolution, Hawkmoon, Lankhmar and Lone Wolf as well as some CCGs like Legend of the Five Rings and Warlord. Life as it is, brought me back home to Greece. Now living in Salonica, if you happen to be nearby come check SKINETIC TATTOOS in the city center…
  • Age: 36
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Hey boys and gals.. my HAMMER & PSYCHO design is currently up for sale at at the incredible price of 7£/8.5€/11$. / Also head on to my new FB page and ‘Like’ it for a chance to win a FREE t-shirt in the next 24 hours! Lucky guy/gal gets to choose from any of my designs here on redbubble :)
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My Ghostbusters/SLAYER mash-up is up for grabs just for today!!! / get it here / A big thank you to all the wonderful people at Ript for printing me once again…You guys ROCK!!!
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hey there people, is currently selling my Soundwave inspired T-shirt (the original’s name is TANGLED but they changed it to ‘Malfunction’) so just for today it can be yours for just $10!
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