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Internet creations

Internet creations / Interned, each word I’d written, sticks to the sticky silk of webbing, ‘Internet’ is its name. Life has a life that’s all its own, so too the web. Each web is set to trap, to feed a spider’s belly, some think the webbed strands as net that too will feed their needing. / Some spider born just recently could bring the web down to its knee, wherever they may be, the …
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Immortal infancy

Immortal infancy / A journey through the woven web of criss crossing info in its infancy, can be amusing, confronting and oh, so ridiculous to be of little informative use. In moments of absolute boredom (when one not even feels like rehearsing tomorrow), or some inner sense of self analysis, double check, a la ‘who am I’ and one may try to google oneself, in order to find, just in ca…
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No bang

2008 ended not with a bang. The absense of a bang was due to oil. What am I talking about? Man-made devices do not last forever, especially if one ignores their need to be serviced. Since when does a ride-on mower need oil? Perhaps ever since they made the first one. This is of course a serious design error that is still with us to this very day. Such details of technical ‘how to keep the w…
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