New Women’s Chiffon Tops. They’re just so chiffon-y.


Ok Friends This is It

The new baby will be here tomorrow Afternoon, Im so Excited and Totally Scared all at once Keep us in Prayer, and When Iam up to it after the C-Section I will share some pics Of My new son Elijah



In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

May we always focus on the good
And count our blessings as we should.
May all our complaints departM
And thank God with a grateful heart.

Our troubles may be the same,
But we can still praise His good name!
Our load may be hard to bear,
But thank God, the Loadbearer is there.

We will forget to complain
And not mention life’s pain,
If our days are filled with praise,
And we thank God in all our ways.

Don’t think that things are so bad,
And don’t live with a heart so sad.
Countless blessings are ours each day.
Let us thank God when we kneel and pray.
Gene Griffin

Update on Baby and Me

Well we went to the Dr yesterday, and We got an Ultrasound, and The baby Should weigh 2 3/4 lbs But instead he weighs a Whopping 4 1/2 lbs WOW!!!!!!!!!! I was also 29 weeks Yesterday The baby Measured at 32 weeks OH MY GOSH…….Looks like I will be Having a Line backer for a son….LOL…………….Also we all Know why he is That Big, My Sugar levels are not very good….. its Supposeto be at 135 or Less…….lets try 237 247, Wooooo Hooooooooo, I just got to stay away from The Goodies…LOL

Just thought I would keep you Updated
Lots of Hugs

I would like you All to do something for the Baby To be

I would Like for all My Cyber Friend to write something to The baby a Little Note so I can add it to The baby Book ,I want you to send it to My Email address so I can Print it out………….This will be so Special, My Hubby and My Kids Threw me a mini Family Baby Shower, and My Daughter Bought me a Baby Book, and Im already Writting in it, and This would be so Cool to add, But This is for the Ones Intrested in this….Here is my Email Address


Thanks Friends
ANNA and Baby Elijah

Please Read RB Friends, its an Update on Me and The baby

I was Doing Fundrasing for My Daughter Saturday ,when My

Heart was about to Beat out of My Chest, and I was about to
Pass out, Plus I was Scared because I was Driving with the
Kids in the car, anyway So I didn’t have Go To The
Hospital, I drove to The Fire station so They can Check my
Heart beat and My Pulse, and It was 164 over 96 and they
told me to Go To The Hospital
When I got There it was Over 200 and then they
Couldn’t get a Blood Presser, Then They Told me to Be
admmited to The Hospital,Just To make Sure The Baby was Ok
and I was There from Sat Till Yesterday…
They Just wanted to make sure the baby was Ok, and That I
didn’t have a Blood Clot, That would Harm Me and My
Baby, Even Death, so Everything Seem to be ok, But I do
to stay away from Stress
You have a Great day…


Im Very Sorry Everyone if I didn’t get back with you on your Comments, I have been in major Pain for a Couple of Days and I couldn’t walk,It was a Tearful Moment, Due to being a Mom of 6 and Being Prego and Not Being able to do anything for the family, Please keep me and the family in Prayer,Prayer works Wonders….
Hugs To You all

PS…Kat Darlin I Thank you for Doing the Features for me You are a Doll

I Really Really Need to Be Picked up Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Cat Sambo the one I Showed you pics of Him,when we got him as a Kitten, Has Now Been Missing for 5 Days today and Thats Not Like him sence he loves the Kids so Much, and we Love him, With all The Hormones going on within my Body I have been Crying For days Now,Having all these Images in my Head about Snakes, and Hawks Grabbing Him, Its Not Fun when you get all the Images going on in your Head, I Just Need Pray that he will come Home soon and safe, I Did put an Ad in the Newspaper Twice Now and the Last one I Put a Reward.Please pray for him to come home and Comfort me as well

Thanks Everyone

Hey Moms Check this Out

I Just made this, You can make one to its Free, If You are Intrested Send me your Email address and The Link will be sent to you, If I get Friends to Join Then I get Coins for doing so and so do You..You can Make your Self anything you Wish even a Biker Chick…You have backrounds, Toys Scenerys, Wardrobes ETC…………
So Let me Know

This is Mine

This is to All My Mommy Friends....Please Read.

Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom?

“Because I’m a woman,” she told him.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

His Mom just hugged him and said,
“And you never will, but that’s O.K.”…….

Later the little boy asked his father,
“Why does Mom seem to cry for no reason?”.
“All women cry for no reason,” was all his Dad could say……

The little boy grew up and became a man,
still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to God and when God got back to him, he asked “God, why do women cry so easily?”

GOD answered……

“When I made woman,
I decided she had to be special.
I made her shoulders
strong enough to carry
the weight of the world, yet,
made her arms ge…

This is for my Female Friends....QUESTION !!!!!!!

Someone turned me on to a Mommy site Called CafeMom anyone ever Heard of it or Belong to it, If you do belong to it, is there in Pro’s and Cons about this Mommy Site, I did sign Up, and I have been working on my Profile and of Course My Screen name there is HEAVENANDUS7………..Look me up if you have an Account, I don’t want to be a lone there..The Only Reason Im there is Because of The Pregnancy, But It seems like there is sooooo Much to do There WOW

Huigs to you all

For All my Female Friends Who Know what a HCG Levels are

12 DPO………..HCG 18….Just found out I was Prego
15 DPO…………..HCG 86…….Spot bleeding
17 DPO………….HCG 130….. Not a Full 48 hrs.8 hours shy.still spot bleeding
21 dpo………..HCG 1011……Little bit of spot bleeding
Please Keep us in Prayer
Thought I would Keep you all up Dated, Tell me what you think of My HCG Levels

Hello My Dear Friends ................Here is an Update

I don’t Know if I have told you in my Latest Journals, about My Pregnancys But I’m High Risk,I Started Bleeding on Tuesday, and I went to the Hospital, and they did an HCG Test on me, 4 days before going to the Hospital my HCG’s was 18 Then in the Hospital it was 86, and My Dr made me get Another on and it went to 130,Which is Good, But still when you see bleeding you Freak out, I haven’t had any Bleeding today,and I hope it doesn’t Start, My Hubby is making me stay in bed and Im gettting Waited on hand and Foot by My Children, But I had to Come on and Let you know Im still alive, and I haven’t commented on anyones work for 4 days Now and Im sorry about that, I had to wait for my Hubby to go to work just to get on here, I will only have time for the Gro…

Oh My Gosh I'am Crying Right Now With Joy

I Finally Sold something, I Sold a Laminate Print To Trena Cougarfan
Oh My Gosh Trena Iam the Happiest Woman in the World Right Now, I will have this one My Mind for days to Come, and No one will be able to Wipe This smile off my Face

Thank you Thank you Thank you Trena My Dear and Sweet Friend, You are the Best.
Love ya Girl


I Have a Question

Does anyone Know if there is another site Like this one online, I Remember being on a Site 7 years ago Called USA101 Ever Heard of it? Its No Longer around, But I was Just Curious Just incase ………lol


Emoticons ( They show how you Feel )

:-|| ……..Very angry

:-} ……..Mischievous smile
:-~| ……..A cold
:/i ……….No smoking
:> ……..What?
:@ ……….What?
:C ………..Astonished
:X ……..Hear no evil
:^D ……….Happy, approving
:`-( …………Shedding a tear

x ………Kiss
:e ………Disappointed
:~-( …………Crying
:-~) ………..A cold
:{ ………….Having a hard time
:~) ………….A cold
:~/ ………….Confused
;( ………….Crying
;-( …………Angry, or got a black eye
;-D …………..Winking and laughing

=^D ……&#…

Acronyms (Chatroom Talk)

AAMOF………. as a matter of fact
ABFL ……………a big fat lady
ABT ………….about
ADN …………..any day now
AFAIC …………as far as I’m concerned
AFAICT ……….as far as I can tell
AFAICS …………as far as I can see
AFAIK ………….as far as I know
AFAYC …………….as far as you’re concerned
AFK…………… away from keyboard

AISI ……… I see it
AIUI ……… I understand it
AKA………. also known as
AML ………..all my love
ANFSCD …………..and now for something completely different

50 Things about Me (Anna)

1…..I was a Total Party girl in My Younger days
2…..I Used to Model and I have made spring Break Posters and I was also Supposed to be in a Movie with Peter Faulk
3…..I had a Very Bad Car Accident, Were I should Have Died, Motor was in the Front Seat

4….My Fav Color is Pink & Purple
5… Fav Animal is a Horse and My Two Cats
6…. Fav Drink Crystal Light, Diet Zero
7… Fav Food Mexican all the way
8…..Iam On a Diet Right Now and Already Lost 15lbs sence Jan 3rd
9…..I Run 6 Groups on Red Bubble
Strictly faces
*1:1 Celebrities
*1:1 With the News
Macro Photography
10… My Hubby Stole my Heart from My Old Boyfriend 19 years ago, He came by to By His Porshe, and instead he Got me 2 weeks Later
11…I excepted…

I Changed My Mind

The only Thing I like about the new Bubble mail is Seeing what I wrote With the Reply,and there is No way to delete the mail, so I guess it will Build up, also I want to Mention I Like how The add me to your Watchlist and Write Bubble mail is far away from one another on our profile


Come by and Critic My Lady Bug and Ant

Sorry I had to do this, I Think Im Losing My Friends and Their comments on my Pics, Please come By and Let me Know what you Think, Of These two pics I put up Yesterday, and I Want to thank the ones who already commented,


Hey Guys

I’am truly Sorry about not Being around, I have only had time to Check on the Groups, My Children have had so many Dental Appointments its Not even Funny, You Know how it is They want you to come back every other day so they can Milk your Insurence.LOL……Also have had dance Classes to take the Kids To…………..
Just Wanted to Let you all know Im still Alive, Just sooooooooo Tired

Love ya All

8 Features This week Woot Woot

This little guy Was Featured 4 Times this week
In the groups* Extream close ups,Rural around the Globe,Butterflies and Skippers,Insects,bugs and Creepy crawlies*

Still Standing was Featured in the group,Florida the Sunshine State

I already Deleted this one out of my Album, But it was Featured in the Group Collectors Corner

This one was Featured in the Group
Living Christianity

This one was Featured in the Group ,I also Deleted this one from my Album
Live Love and Dream

I’am soooooooooooo Honored,
Thank you so Much

I would like to Learn Two New Things

If anyone can Help it would be much Appreciated, I Would love to Learn How to do Selective Colors, also I would Like to Make a couple of tee’s with writings on them How do I Make those with the Letters…

God Bless you all.
and Thanks in advance

Im Sorry My Friends

I haven’t been on all day Yesterday and Now Today due to my Children having so many appointments and being gone all day, Just Yesterday I was gone from 7am to 7 pm (no lie)……I have a Feeling that this day will be the same, I will be back soon, The Children Come 1st……..


Hello Friend

I’m so Sorry about The Short Comments or No Comments, I’m Running Quite a Few Groups, and They are taking up most of my Time, along with my 6 Children Lol…… Now I’am Hosting Macro Photography, My Dream Group, I will Comment here and There, and I will upload a Couple here and there………


OrphieG (Donna Runs this one)


*1:1 Celebrities

*1:1 With the News

Cougarfan(Trena runs this one)
all kisses

Macro Photography

I Just hope you all understand

Just Look at What this Sweetheart Did

For me, Trena (cougarfan) she did a Colab with her pic and My Sweet Little Girl Abby…….Iam so Honored This is the Very 1st That I have ever had made for me and my Little Girl.

Thanks Trena, Thank you Sooooooooooooo Much, You are a Total Sweetheart, and a Wonderful Friend my Dear, Everyone should have a Trena in their Lives.
Big Hugs

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