Please Read RB Friends, its an Update on Me and The baby

I was Doing Fundrasing for My Daughter Saturday ,when My

Heart was about to Beat out of My Chest, and I was about to
Pass out, Plus I was Scared because I was Driving with the
Kids in the car, anyway So I didn’t have Go To The
Hospital, I drove to The Fire station so They can Check my
Heart beat and My Pulse, and It was 164 over 96 and they
told me to Go To The Hospital
When I got There it was Over 200 and then they
Couldn’t get a Blood Presser, Then They Told me to Be
admmited to The Hospital,Just To make Sure The Baby was Ok
and I was There from Sat Till Yesterday…
They Just wanted to make sure the baby was Ok, and That I
didn’t have a Blood Clot, That would Harm Me and My
Baby, Even Death, so Everything Seem to be ok, But I do
to stay away from Stress
You have a Great day My Friend
Hugs to You

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