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Kitchener, Canada

I was in a MVA in 2000 and my life changed drasticaly. Very quickly I learned that I could no longer do the extra-curricular actives that...

Art for Cancer Foundation Gala

Good Morning fellow Art for Cancer Members. Last night my husband Gary and I attended the “1st annual Art For Cancer Foundation Gala”. What an amazing evening! Finally got to meet Cid Palacio, the founder of this group (and many others) . Cid is an amazing lady, who lost both of her parents to cancer in a 15 month period. That is when her idea for the AFC groups emerged. Three success stories were shared and congratulations to them. One of the speakers was Dr. Eric Marsden ND, MCNE clinic director.

Research suggests that participation in creativity experiences can reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and improve the overall quality of life of people with cancer (patients, family and caregivers). Every hour of every day, about 20 people will be diagnosed with cancer, and 8 will die from cancer across Canada.

Let us all remember that this group is for an amazing cause, whatever your cancer charity. Let’s try and make Cancer history as a group of people who love art of all kinds and believe in our charities. If you are looking for a charity please concider The Art for Cancer Foundation, www.artforcancerfoundation.org. , or email at contact@artforcancerfoundation.org.

We at AFC appreciate each and everyone of you. Your work inspires me and many others. Great job all of you and I am proud to consider all of you family.

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