I have chosen the title “New Beginnings”. Although we all have but one life here on earth, I do believe we have new beginnings within our lives. My life has changed drastically since my accident and I felt that I needed to find a new avenue to take and to rediscover myself.

I love photographer. I was injured years ago in a MVA and for the past few years have not been able to work. So, I have been looking into an activity that i can enjoy and am not in severe pain from. So far this is the one I enjoy very much. My husband and I go out each weekend, weather permitting, and randomly drive around southwestern Ontario looking for things that peek our interest.

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Art for Cancer Foundation Gala

Good Morning fellow Art for Cancer Members. Last night my husband Gary and I attended the “1st annual Art For Cancer Foundation Gala”. What an amazing evening! Finally got to meet Cid Palacio, the founder of this group (and many others) . Cid is an amazing lady, who lost both of her parents to cancer in a 15 month period. That is when her idea for the AFC groups emerged. Three success stories wer…
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