From Scotland but living elsewhere in Europe, i love abstract art and photography and writing poetry and stories.

I tend to like unposed works often taken at unusual or different angles or perspectives. Abstracts of many kinds appeal to me and i am constantly amazed at what amazing works people can produce.

All work is copyrighted and you must ask my permision if you wish to use any poems writing or phtographs.

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Hi started using Gouache, and got great results fromasmall cheap set forma budget bookstore! I have ordered more larger quantities! Its really go to me! Here is my first work / Its got the most comments on anything i have done since i started in January / So i will continue with my experimenting
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New things

Hi / This month i have been doing some new things using acrylic paint just dabbling and doodling a bit really hope to do some work based on greek key designs in abstract. For some reason i am struggling to get decent images of my artwor and am trying to get better at this and understand how to do this. Have to master my camera!
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Glad to be here

Glad to be on red bubble
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