Bought my shirts? Send me a photo!

I’ve been selling a few shirts recently, and I’d love to thank those of you who are buying them! :D / It’s very exciting indeed. / If you have bought one of my shirts, please send me photos of you wearing them. I’d love to feature you in my Red Bubble journal or something. / Thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy my new shirt designs.
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Are you uploading copyright violations?

Red Bubble is an amazing site for all of us to share our art, and create great quality cards, prints, and shirts! / Sadly though since I have joined I have noticed quite a few copyright violations, and have reported them to the admin of the site. As a member you are responsible for not breaking copyright law, and reporting copyright infringements when you see them. / This keeps this site safe, a…
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first sale + homepage feature

I just sold two shirts! Yay! 0 / This is my first sale so I’m pretty excited. It seems that my little panda was fairly popular. I promise to make more designs like that in the future. / My ‘little panda’ shirt has also been featured on the homepage. Thanks Red Bubble! I love this site so much.
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