the real-life ronnie dobbs!

oh man, so i’m watching COPS and this dude is trying to run from the police. his car only has three wheels. it’s fucking amazing. he has them on this low-speed chase on the interstate, and there’s all these sparks ’n shit flying out from where the front passenger-side wheel should be. they finally got the guy stopped and it was this shirtless drunk dude with a mullet.

god bless the usa.

on an unrelated note, i commented on this shirt (i’m not trying to start shit, so i’m withholding the username) the other day, kind of irked, but trying to be respectful. i think the shitty thing about a fair amount of the shirts on redbubble are ripping off someone else’s art. if you’re not making a profit, that’s one thing…but slapping someone else’s work on a shirt and making money off it without the artist’s knowledge or consent? i didn’t say it like that, but that was the point. i checked back today and my comment had been deleted. BOO.

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