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i’m kristen. i’m 26. i’m still unpopular.

  • Age: 30
  • Joined: January 2008


still around!

why, hello chirdren! / i’m back on redbubble. no reason. / i’m going to go ahead and put this out there – i probably have the nicest boobs ever. i spent a good part of my childhood and adolescence obsessing over having bigger, perkier, shapelier boobs than my best friend, and i’m pretty sure all that praying and wishing has finally paid off for ol’ k-stan……
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dear peanut butter and banana sandwich

why are you so delicious? / also, why do we only have, like, whole-grain wheat bread? i don’t want healthy bread. i want junk food, dammit! / uhm so yeah to update everyone on goings on with me, i’m moving to new orleans in a couple weeks to pedal my art out there, and work for my dad in the meantime. i’m pretty excited, seeing as i already have a couple things lined up. / it…
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take that!

bwahaaaaa…a girl on a mission! take that stolen art down, asshole! / kristen – 1 / art thieves – …more than one. but one less!
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the real-life ronnie dobbs!

oh man, so i’m watching COPS and this dude is trying to run from the police. his car only has three wheels. it’s fucking amazing. he has them on this low-speed chase on the interstate, and there’s all these sparks ’n shit flying out from where the front passenger-side wheel should be. they finally got the guy stopped and it was this shirtless drunk dude with a mullet. …
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