I have been photographing ‘Anything and Everything’ for more than 35 years and restoring old photos to keep them alive, initially with pen and ink and now digitally.
I have always photographed an image as if I am saving a little bit of history for someone to view in the future, being an obsessive genealogist helps.
Due to an injury, I am unable to photograph as much as I used to so I spend my time designing metaphysical images, mandalas and restoring historical prints.
Enjoy viewing my landscapes and designs.

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Red Bubble Thank you!

At Last! Scarves! / I have been with Red Bubble since 2008 and have watched the company grow so I am happy that my images now have another way of being shown to the world. / In the past few years I have designed many Mandalas from semi-precious stones and photos that I have taken. / a few months ago I researched having scarves made from my images but could not find what I was after, Red Bubble…
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