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What do you think of this?

Dear friends,

A member on Redbubble commented on my image “Dancing On Ice” and here is what he wrote:

“Looks as though you might of picked up on a title i used for a similar image that i posted , might be wrong , nice capture all the same , Trev”

The said member joined RB in 2009 and my image was uploaded in 2008. What a cheek to accuse me of stealing his title while it’s more than likely the other way around. To accuse someone without checking out the facts first is beyond me.

What’s you opinion on his comment or am I just over reacting?

All the best,


  • BobJohnson
    BobJohnsonabout 4 years ago

    Hi Robert,

    With the thousands of photos on RB it’s pretty likely that a “name” would pop up more than once. I have never checked to see if one of the titles I used had already been used by someone else & probably never will.

    Over reacting? maybe a teeny tiny little bit….

    Keep posting your beautiful work and name it what you like. by the way I like some of your titles, can I use some of them…… :-))


  • Heidi Mooney-Hill
    Heidi Mooney-Hillabout 4 years ago

    Hi Robert, you won’t believe it, but I just made a comment on a beautiful puppy photo named “puppy love” I myself once took that name for a simular photo months ago.
    Since I’m only a hobby-painter and take photos just for fun, it didn’t bother me. If it would be a tittle which is protected? I don’t know the right word, then I would try to contact that person and get everything fixed.
    hope my commant was a help to you greetings Heidi

  • naturelover
    natureloverabout 4 years ago

    My Gosh- a Title? ‘Mine’ are being used all the time- because most artists think alike when they see a shot-surprised it was of such importance to merit a comment in the first place- rise above it Robert-not worth the hassle!!Perfect title for a super shot by the way!! x

  • Kimberly Chadwick
    Kimberly Chadwickabout 4 years ago

    Well I can see your iniatial reaction being that for I too have felt as if my own titles or “sayings” have been taken and used recently. I have been told the “imatation is the best form of flattery”. Personnaly I think it is crap myself. It is a nuisance to me. However playing Devil’s advocate, there are a lot of the “same” titles floating around here on RB so it could be the “great minds thing alike” thought. Either way I empathize with your frustration! The first time it can be coincidence, again it is annoying. I don’t think you are over reacting Robert.

  • Sandy Stewart
    Sandy Stewartabout 4 years ago

    I’ve noticed many times that the titles I chose for a particular piece of work are also used on other’s work, but it doesn’t bother me what so ever, as it is just a title and as artists I agree, we tend to think and use the same words.
    I personally wouldn’t worry about the comment left and keep the title you chose as it is so fitting for your lovely shot!
    : )

  • jujubean
    jujubeanabout 4 years ago

    I think they are the ones over-reacting! for heavens sake….there are so many images on RB,its insane to think there are not more than one of the same image that has the same title. I have even titled two of my own images the same without noticing untill later! LOL I wouldnt give it a second thought.

  • AndreaEL
    AndreaELabout 4 years ago

    It is not the title that makes the shot, it is the artist that captures it.

  • Monte Morton
    Monte Mortonabout 4 years ago

    Great image Robert! I have seen many titles on here I have used before. We don’t have trade marks for titles and as many RB photographers on here, it’s only a matter of time before this happens to all of us. Some people are quick to complain about anything so I wouldn’t let it bother me Robert. You have a great title and image and there is no way you can search to se if a million pictures have the same title. Hang in there Buddy!!!

  • robmac
    robmacabout 4 years ago

    I would’nt lose any sleep over it Robert lots of titles have been doubled up on RB Just let him know that yours was first and in future do some homework before putting foot in mouth Mate regards Rob

  • queenofcups
    queenofcupsabout 4 years ago

    Well it’s a fantastic image Robert love it…. as for the comment no need to put it public not into that at all especially if it is demeaning in some way….should have bm you … your work stands out Robert so perhaps a little jealousy…. put your mind at rest contact him … keep doing your wonderful work jacqui :) x