Hauke is an award winning Irish based landscape and nature photographer, originally from Schleswig-Holstein in the very north of Germany.

From 1991 he studied Geography, Zoology ad Landscape Ecology at Kiel University. In 1996 Hauke moved to Ireland to study at Trinity College Dublin, and he has been living and working in Ireland since then.

His main photographic interest lies in landscape and nature photography which can be explained by his background in Geography and Zoology, and his love for the outdoors and the Irish landscape.

Inspired by photographers such as Jim Brandenburg, Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish, Galen Rowell and Art Wolfe, Hauke strifes to create beautiful, compelling and inspiring images of familiar and unfamiliar scenes, places and creatues.

During his recent travels in South America and Alaska he has further developed his interest in travel and wildlife photography.

Hauke is available for commissioned assignments. Please contact him with your project proposal.

  • Age: 45
  • Joined: July 2009