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My sincere thanks to NYLC for the purchase of my “Minneapolis Sculpture Garden” photo!

My direction in photography had no direction, until I was inspired by the Impressionism photography of Lynn Wiles a gifted and talented photographer and Red Bubble member from Massachusetts. Please visit her gallery-

Thank you Lynn for your photographs which gave me the focus I needed to develop my artistic abilities!

If I don’t type a reply right away to your comment I apologize in advance! I just don’t get on RB as often as I would like, but please know that I appreciate very much all comments, suggestions etc.,

I am just a very casual photographer, very much a weekend photographer. Thanks to everyone for their comments, I really appreciate all the comments and to all the people on Red Bubble who put in their time to make this site such a success!!

I started photography with a Canon A1, then graduated to the EOS Elan II and my first digital was the Olympus 5050 and finally I am presently using the Panasonic fz30 and always carry a cir. polarizer and neutral density filter with me.

Great photographers on Red Bubble, so I look forward to increasing my photography skills to meet the high artistic photography here!

Please, please feel free to critique my photos! I welcome critiques to help me improve my photography!!!

My Impressionistic photography are all done in camera.


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