Reconnecting with old friends

It was so wonderful to reconnect with my old friend, Lois, from high school (1979-1982). We had a fantastic lunch today (ate at Front Page News – check out their menu – I had shrimp and grits, Lois had red beans and rice).
We chatted about old times, old friends, and the good times, and now we have this beautiful new reestablished friendship. She and I hadnt seen each other in about 30 years, but now that we have reconnected, that will definitely change. It was a great day, AND she baked me a homemade apple pie! :)

Here is a photo of us. Not bad for two 49 year olds, eh? :-)


  • walstraasart
    walstraasart9 months ago

    A very cute photograph Scott! Wonderful to meet an old frien again!