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If Only I Could See You

A lonely figure of a woman
Dressed in snowy feathers of white
Swooping, skirt swirling
Flying free and
Graceful as a swan,
Fleeting across the arena of ice
Ever so delicately
As if crossing a lake
While her slow curving feathers weaved softly
In and out of a violin’s tragic song
As the sinuous neck stretches outwards
In response to the musician’s sweet sad melody
The skater practices and performs
Unaware she has an audience
That she has a devout fan
That sits up in the dark
Making his presence unknown
Keen to the two blades carving
The grinding, edging spirit into song
Hearing through the silence
The grinding ice
Though the windows of his mind
As a dance takes on life.
The man watches the beauty
In her graceful dance
He starts to whisper the words
To the tragic song:

“I am the angel who watches you
To protect you from all harm
The one that gives you wings
With every jump and spin you try
Your skates are painting pictures
In the windows of my mind
I clap as you soar into flight
And perform before the Gods
If you ever, my dear, have a cloudy day
I will write you songs
To make them go away
I will write you songs
And light up your every day
I will also write songs
To light up my path to guide you
Along the way.
To give both of us strength
To fight and live for another day.
Just tell me so and I’ll be here
Listening even through this darkness
If I won’t be able to see you
I am missing you, yes missing you
Even if I can’t see you.
It is raining where I’m at
And if it is raining in your world also
Speak to me, and I’ll be there listening,
I’ll give you shelter and a home
I’ll dry you with my warmth
Even if I can’t see you
I am missing you,
I see the rain
Through the windows of my mind”.

His mind went back to the skater
In front of him, her mind unaware of his thoughts,
Only to the tempo of his violin
and the whispers of the song
“I want to stay in this moment forever,"
he said,
“wish it will never pass
I don’t want to close my eyes
But the only way to see you
Is through the windows of my mind
For the moon rays of forgotten light
Dwell in my eyes.”
That is the end of the tragic song
End of the whispered words
Thus she finishes her melancholic dance
For a lover she hasn’t met
As she strongly bends her graceful neck
With eyes cast low
She looks at the ice so cold as her heart
And bows to a man she does not see.
Her only audience.
His heart applauds with a roar
For she dances for someone
Dances for only him
Although she doesn’t know
That he is the one that plays the violin
And sings the tragic words to the song
That she gracefully dances to.
The lonely graceful woman
Started to take off her ice skating dancing shoes

There were tears in her eyes
For it was raining in her world
But she did not speak nor
Call out to him
The rain and clouds obscured her vision
Making her not see.
Oh, but he did see, yes, he did
Through the windows of his mind
He had vision……………….
But if you looked into his beautiful eyes
They had no life
For he was totally blind.

All seemed lost as she opened the door
ready to leave
But there was a deluge out there
That’s when he got the courage
To make his presence known
for he swore to protect her
at all cost
The heavens opened to light up
The eyes of her mind
And finally saw that
He was her angel
The one who’s music she dances to
every night
The rain inside of both of them
Turned into sunshine
And off they went into the deluge outside
With his umbrella as they rejoiced in the rain.
She saw that through the eyes of his mind
He saw her as she was
Yes he had vision
and she found that she had always
loved this stranger for that
But his only regret was that he
Was not able to see her beautiful smile
With the eyes that the moon rays
Of forgotten light
Did not dwell on his eyes……………….
If I could only see you

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I was inspired to write this from a song in Spanish sung by Alex Ubago. The name of the song is “Aunque No Te Pueda Ver”. (Even If I Can’t See You". There is another country song almost with the same theme. I forgot the name of the song and the singer. I also saw for the first time “Blades of Glory” last night which had to do with figure skating and the beauty of it, though it was also a comedy.I started this writing at about 1:00 a.m. and finished about three, but since I am having problems with my p.c. was able to post it at 7:45.


clouds, tears, dance, swan, violin, see, raining, graceful, ice skater, tragic song

My passion is writing and books. My goal is learning to draw and I’ve developed a taste for photography.

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  • umbra
    umbraover 4 years ago

    breathtaking iris….

  • Wow, Erich, you aleady read it? You are sure quick. Thanks for your lovely reply. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • MillerG
    MillerGover 4 years ago

    I’ll admit this Iris… reading this, brought tears to my eyes…
    What an exceptional write… I go now… to get this huge lump out of my throat.

  • Awwww! Thank you very much Glenn. It is a sad piece I must admit, I didn’t mean it to sound so sad. I was just inspired th write it. It is funny, how we who have eyes, don’t see what’s in front of us, and yet, the blind develop this six sense and something will see things better then us. But, it still is a sad one. She was sad and so was he and they almost lost their opportunity to findy love. Thanks for reading and enjoying it. Thanks for the visit. I really appreciate it. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockover 4 years ago

    This is just wonderful to have such a gift to tell a story my friend..well done.

  • Thanks Chris, it is an honor that you consider my work good enough to read since you are one of the best writers I know here. Once again, thanks. my brother xoxo Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 4 years ago

    OMG what a beautiful, beautiful poetic story with such incredible imagery! Reads like a dream! You are an amazing poetess/writer!! wow!!! : )) xoxoxo

  • Thank you Shar for always being a sweetheart. And as for you, you know you are always to me another great writer, poetess. To think that I saw Glades of Glory which is really about two men skaters and it is a comedy and I decided to write this tear jerker. lol. Thanks and al of my love. and hugggggs. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • bill bell
    bill bellover 4 years ago

    You really have words pour out of you in a beautiful way Iris, well done :)

  • Thank you very much Bill for your lovely comments. It is good to have your visit. I really appreciate and I am so glad you enjoyed th is. Once again, Iris xoxo

    – Arco Iris R

  • JaneSolomon
    JaneSolomonover 4 years ago

    oh this is so,so,so beautiful Iris. heartwrenchingly

  • Awwwww Jane. Thank you very much for thinking so. I am so glad you really liked this, especially, you for you also write very beautiful. You yourself sparkle as a great poetess. Now, I don’t remember if you got to read Color Me Magenta, Color Me Pink. If you haven’t, you’ll find a nice suprise, for you are mentioned there. Thanks for visiting. And I appreciate your support, I really do. With lots of love, Iris xoxo Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • wigs
    wigsover 4 years ago

    such a beauty of a write Iris…. xx

  • Thank you Helen for reading this. I had just finished seeing “Blades of Glory” with Will Ferril which is a comedy about two male ice skaters and reminded me of two old songs and that’s when I was inspired to write this. Once again, thanks. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • AuntDot
    AuntDotover 4 years ago

    Wonderful, Iris. I especially like the line “…slow curving feathers weaved softly
    In and out of a violin’s tragic song…” This piece is very emotional and so very well told.

  • Thank you very much AuntDot for you visit and for such a beautiful comment. Yes, it is very emotional. He was blind, but was able to see with the windows of his mind her beauty within and her lonliness. Thanks again for reading, for I appreciate it very much. Iris xoxo

    – Arco Iris R

  • princessleah
    princessleahover 4 years ago

    how wonderful Iris………

  • lianne
    lianneover 4 years ago

    How incredibly beautiful Iris – such an amazingly lovely story you’ve painted in memorable and exquisite images that linger in the mind like a gorgeous movie scene. Every single line is perfect, my friend. What a beautiful piece of writing Iris!

  • Thank you very much Lianne for your beautiful comment. I am so glad you liked it and that I was able to make you see her take life and then see did see her but only through the eyes of his mind for he was blind. I was about to leave it there, until you could see that he was blind, but I myself found it so sad that I decided to give it a happy ending. Thanks once again, Iris

    – Arco Iris R

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