Even the Stars Fall And Cry

A beautiful woman walked in the mist of penumbras, shadows, and


she was a sight to see

She longed for some light

She looked for peace

in a cruel world, full of loneliness

for she had come to a sad reality

She originated from the great immensity

where the stars were queens and kings

and who with their youth and supposed immortality,

in the night  seduced and hypnotized

every soul, every beingwith their dance  full of rhythm and sensualitythat mesmerized you with their brilliant, tantalizing lights.But for the stars there also comes a daywhen their time of grace is up and all hope is gone

and they fall into the great infinity

falling onto Earth belowbecoming part of humanity,a part of all of it’s woes, another one of it’s lost souls.

The woman had fallen in disgrace

with tears in her eyes she realizedthat her only sin was to be

a woman coming of age

Didn’t matter her beauty was inside

she became to be fifty.

But among those stars

there was a very, very special one

a very young lad, only fifteen

and his name was simply Tom.

Upon seeing the woman

who desperately reached out her hand

trying to reach out for a star

just to be able to touch, to be able to feel again

he was touched to the heart and came down from the sky

and smiling at her he gave her his hand

and he gave the “Lady” her rightful place

He made her his “grace”

within the stars once again.

The stars stood very quiet and still

then in frightened whispers they started to murmur

making ugly comments

because this was the first time

anything like this happened

and they started to ask what consequences

this rebellious action, this abominable thing

from this insolent lad would bring them.

But there was something that nobody knew

and that it was that the Lord in the Heavens

from his throne everything he saw

for he had a good view

and nothing escapes him

and this act of mercy

from a lad so young

The Lord he dearly approved.

The moment that the fair and noble youth

the woman he did touch

all of her body was suddenly illuminated

She radiated

with bright, shiny lights

and all of the Universe went awe in silence

among the stars there was a great big hush.

Tom very proudly, with his hands holding hers,

and to the marvel of the stars, he took her to the heavens

For he with his beautiful heart prooved to all

that if anyone should fall from grace

to give a hand, pick them up

and lead them to their rightful place.

We are all equal

we have our dignity

young ones and old

we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord

He who gives us all a special place for all eternity.

Dedicated to Shoaib and Raven Ice
To all the Toms in the World.

The stars stood very still
and in very frightened
first whispers that ended in murmurs
and ugly comments
because this was the first time
anything like this happened
And they started to utter and asked
What consequences this rebelious action,
this abominable deed,
from this insolent lad would bring

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Even the Stars Fall And Cry by 

I am 54 years old and I want to specify that I don’t feel old, only half young. Unfortunately, becoming of age is like a disgrace to a lot of people in this world where youth is worshiped. That is why I wrote this as my perspective of how people look at age and how there are some young people who respect age and marvel at the person inside, not the outside. This one took a long time to translate from Spanish to English because it is long. But I decided to make the extra effort so that I could dedicate it to two young great male writers who are always out there giving hope and who shine with their light of insight. They are always ready to help and give suggestions and just give you extra info when you ask. It doesn’t matter to them if you are young or old. They are Shoaib and Raven Ice. I know there are many more out there, and in time I will get to know you. If you are one of those young beacons in life then this is dedicated to you too. Dedicated to Shoaib and Raven Ice



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  • RebeccaWeston
    RebeccaWestonabout 5 years ago

    A lovely story Iris. I agree with with about the 2 wonderful men of whom you speak – they are very special indeed !! XX

  • I am glad you agree. They are so respectul and always take their time to point things out or help you in anything. Sometimes they are just willing to make a three minute conversation, which is a lot because you know how busy RB can be. That is why I dedicated this to them. I’m sure glad you liked this. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • JonoCarrick
    JonoCarrickabout 5 years ago

    This poem deserves to be read, and reread! I may very well make more comments as my mind straightens out, its all over the place.
    But I shall say that this was dreamlike, beautiful and brilliant.

    When it comes to beauty and youth – women suffer more than men. I seem to find a great level of power in menopausal women. And so do many cultures.
    Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi was always a woman in her fifties. And if you read about that role – it was the most influential role in the Ancient role.
    It is believed that once a woman becomes menopausal – she retains power for herself. She becomes at peace with life and the world around her.
    I personally, have always found myself very spiritually and emotionally attracted to women past 40 because I find within them this amazing compassion and wisdom.
    The Tarot Card -The Empress reflects the qualities of a menopausal woman brilliantly. She is in charge of her destiny and her world around her. Gone are the superficial insecurities and instead a deep-new sense of self flourishes. That is power.

  • I am so glad you liked it. And the information you are giving just now, proves me that I was right to dedicate this to you and Shoaib. Yes, I am at peace at with my age. I think I have more wisdom, but then, when I am with my children who are already adults and go out with them, I become a child again, wanting to dance and sit and talk with them. This is so because I have to cross an ocean to be with them, but when they need help, they have not a friend, but a mother. Afterwards, I become their friend again, because I believe that they have to make their own choices as adults and I have to respect and accept that. I will look into Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi. Thanks a lot. And remember, this one’s for you. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Solar Zorra
    Solar Zorraabout 5 years ago

    Wow, I can’t begin to express how heart warming this whole page is; what you wrote so beautifully done and the response from Raven Ice. I know shoaib, and his loving ways, but I had not yet had the pleasure to meet Raven Ice. It is amazing to me that such few men, young and old, fail to appreciate the beauty of maturing women. Raven put it out there so genuine and compassionate it was like warm sun on my face. I am 49, but already feel the distance between youth and that “other place” no one wants to go. From being noticed and appreciated to overlooked. Everyone grows older, it’s life…….but thank God for the few inspiring souls that understand that woman experience it differently. Men that read this should take it to heart and pour out some extra love and appreciation to their wives, mothers,grandmothers, sisters and friend whom have crossed over the line into this different realm of life. I for one plan on making it the best time of my life, we all should, it’s our right. Thanks for sharing this with me, happyfeet. :) SZ

  • I am so glad that this one touched you personally. We will all go through that, but we will stay with the same feelings, needed to be loved and to love. Yes, we are women. Your words have impressed me and made my day Solar. Now, you say you don’t know Raven Ice, but you just read his comment. That is the way he is. And you already know Shoaib. So, I dedicated this to them, because they see not the beauty outside, but the beauty within. Thanks a lot Solar.

    – Arco Iris R

  • pepper08
    pepper08about 5 years ago

    Wonderful read Iris…I was so drawn in by your tale…Excellent my friend…

  • Thank you Pepper. Glad you liked it. Means a lot to me, you that very well. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Del Millar
    Del Millarabout 5 years ago

    What a lovely story, and that you have dedicated this to those two lovely guys
    who are indeed fine young men with beautiful hearts.
    I do witness the older generations sometimes being overlooked when really
    they have much to give by way of loving wisdom and care through experiencing
    much in their lifetimes.

    Personally, I’m 59 and take life as it comes young at heart and mix with all ages;

    I love to give out in any way I can to young people that may make a difference to their
    ives – I think many young people are wonderfully aware and motivated.

  • Why, thank you for your loving comment and stopping by. Oh, yes and there are many young people who have lovely souls. There are many female ones also. But, as male, they attracted me most, because usually men look for the beauty outside. I’m not saying all, but that is their tendency. And yes, I agree with you that the older generation tends to be overlooked. But if only you’d look inside, they want to be loved and counted on. Thanks once again for your loving comment. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Erika .
    Erika .about 5 years ago

    This is epic! Beautiful writing Iris! And I couldn’t agree more with what you have said…..Shoaib and Raven Ice are a friend to all…Love this. xx

  • Thanks Erika. I knew you would agree. They are something. And of course, me being female, fell under their spell. lol But they are great. This one goes out to them. But, of course, my female friends have been a great support also. Let’s see if I come up with something. Love Iris. And I am sure glad you liked it.

    – Arco Iris R

  • S .
    S .about 5 years ago

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Iris this is soooo beautiful.. i love how you took the time to translate it into english so we could understand it, i dont know spanish but i know it would sound just as beautiful in spanish… this poem is beautiful, romantic and wise, – i would def have to say i am a tom because i do def have a thing for older women, its the maturity and comfort with themselves they possess that does it for me…. anyway its an honor for both jono and i that you dedicated such a poem for us. I am really humbled by it, and your beautiful friendship
    thank you darling :)
    much love -shoaib

  • I am soooooo glad you liked it. Yes, it took some time, but it was worth it. You both deserved it. I know that you are a Tom, I could see it in your writing and your caring. Would you believe that even though jono doesn’t understand much Spanish, but a little Portoguese, he asked for the Spanish version. I Bubblemailed it to him. If you think that you would like in Spanish, that is if you want, then I’ll do the same for you. After all, it’s also yours. The only thing, as I mentioned to jono that I find it more beautiful when I write in Spanish because as he also pointed out that Spanish, French, Italian and Portoguese are the romance languages, for they come from Latin. And Love to you too, Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • msdebbie
    msdebbieabout 5 years ago

    Dear Iris, I find this such a moving and evocative poem. There are many lines I adore, but early on I was held captivated by
    She looked for peace
    in a cruel world, full of loneliness

    And had to stay there quite a time before I could continue reading.
    Congratulations on such a wonderful translation for the lovely Shoaib and sweet Jono.
    I always feel like an intruder when reading such personal and heartfelt sentiment, but thank you for letting us glimpse the awesome capacity of your heart and writing.
    Love and laughter for you xoxo Debbie xoxo

  • Why that is one of the best compliments I’ve gotten. And you are not an intruder. I wrote it to share it with all of you, only decided to dedicate it to them because of their qualities of being able to value a woman, at any age, and they take time to just listen, and comment and maybe help you out if needed. They have lovely souls and tender hearts. And I am sure glad that a lot of women identified with this one. Thanks once again for stoping by, Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Thanks for adding me to your watchlist. Iris.

    – Arco Iris R

  • msdebbie
    msdebbieabout 5 years ago

    Thanks for adding me to yours too!!! Deb

  • But of course, your work I found to be outstanding. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • linaji
    linajiabout 5 years ago

    GIRLFRIEND.. this is stunning work from your heart and mind connection.. this brings so much of who you are and how deep and loving you are. Thank you so much for translation as your translating is amazing.. not a feeling lost ..not one.. I am sure of it!!

  • Thanks Linaji. I really appreciate your comment. I mean coming from you, it really is an honor. Now, yes, translating is hard, because when you write from your heart, the pen flows and you make one or two corrections to polish it up a little and that’s it. But translating is another department. It is like rewriting, but worse, because you have to translate, try not to lose the meaning in the translation and then try to rearange the words to try to make it flow and if you want it to rhyme, wow, that is another hard one. Because it is another language and the words are written differently. Well, I think you got it. But, I went the extra mile, to share it all with you and of course, to be able to dedicate this to them. They deserve it. Oh, and you flatter me when you said you thought I am in my 30’s. Wish I were for the energy I had then and I didn’t have diabetes. But, being 50 hasn’t bothered me at all. That is just a mental state. Maybe when I’m 70, who knows. lol Any way, thanks. xoxoxo Iris

    – Arco Iris R

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