If He Only Knew

A sweet, darkness fell tonight
As sleepy Moon left night lights on
Warm gentle breezes whispered
“Fret not Heart, just let
Aflutter and a’quiver skip a beat
And let your butterflies free and then fill the air
For with another red Rose in hand
And another song he has written
He brings to lie neath the tree
Of the willow that weeps
Its tears will not let the Rose
Nor his new songs wither”
The whispering breeze
Is on my side knowing of my plight of my
Timid hopeless passion that lays
In my throbbing heart
And bids it silence keep.
“But those gifts are not for me"! I cry

They are for his immortal Lady
Whose love of a thousand years
Is an undying Epic, an Odyssey of all times
Thus a thousand years he comes with another red Rose
And a new beauteous song of eternal true love
For his heart is true and he is pure
How can this mere mortal compete with the loveliest of all maidens?

I see him coming and I hide neath the other side of the tree that weeps
Like a school girl with a crush
But my heart is content for I have seen him
My eyes have caressed his sweet face
My lips has kissed his sweet words
And said “I love you” with unspoken words
Is this desecration or sacrilege I commit
But if he only knew that he is the missing song to my heart
That it is with his beauty of his heart that I dream of
He is the secret my muse speaks of to everyone willing to hear
For I sing everyday for him a new song
And a poem I also lay on the other side of willow tree
And it weeps to keep my new songs eternal and my poems are my red Rose
His gift from me eternally

Yes, I do believe in Romance, I do believe in love
I do believe I have a right also to dream and laugh
And enjoy all that love has to offer. This time giving it freely
My all to be able to freely call you “Sweet Heart, My Darling, My Love”.
I too have made you a garden with secrets just for you
The flowers that adorn it, the birds that come and sing
:The grass smells like if was just cut and it is so soft to lie on
Many red Roses, to gift her in memory of your fair Lady
I will not take that away from you: that love so true that you have shown her
So pure so true
I know that in your heart there is a space for me too.
You who have captured my heart it have sparkled a flame.

I look at the flowers in bloom
If I could take every flower
And give them all your name
The birds would come and sing
And beautiful you
I say your name and I’m smiling
I think of you and feel warm
You the secret I have so poorly kept
The one of who I so often dream
The missing song to my heart
The one who has taken my love
And turned it to a work of art

My heart still awaits

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My passion is writing and books. My goal is learning to draw and I’ve developed a taste for photography.

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  • evon ski
    evon ski12 months ago

    oh dear Iris . . so very beautiful and full of grace . . . love is eternal . . love just is . . . .
    I am featuring this work. Congratulations!! Now take a nap and get some sweet sleep. :)))

  • Oh Evon, I so sorry that I didn’t reply not only on your constant support but also not even the wonderful feature. I know perfectly well that I saw it and I can only blame it on my lack of sleep. I do hope you will forgive me and I have missed you so.
    Iris xoxoxoxo

    – Arco Iris R

  • evon ski
    evon ski12 months ago

  • Donna19
    Donna1912 months ago

    Perhaps some would not understand the quiet pain of unrequited loving Iris but I would. How deep it is to love behind a curtain of secrets knowing it will never be opened and your feelings known. How heart weeping it is at night to feel and have nothing to come to you and sooth the hurting. You have here put into a bouquet of words the silent longing of a genuine caring that knows no home. It is heartbreaking to read and beautiful at the same time. Just more feeling in this work as if you laid open your own heart in the ultimate vulnerability. One of your best is not the best yet my dear friend. xoxooxxooxxoox

  • Wow, Donna, in a few seconds you have laid out what is happening here in my heart. It is kind of wishful but at least I know it isn’t dead. I won’t let it die, even if it is just wishful thinking… I know that you understand very well where I am coming from. It took all night until now to write this and post but I got it out of my system. I haven’t told anyone about this, but sometimes it just comes out. It took someone else’s write for me to write this and show what I’m feeling. At least my heart is kind of fluttering. I do feel a little shy as I did when I had my first crush. I’m going out in the open in a couple of months, but with some comments that slipped to my daughter, she said specifically she didn’t want any drama. lol I mean there are five kids and when something happens phones are a ringing. Ha ha ha. What goes around comes around. Thanks for the insight Donna.

    – Arco Iris R

  • JRGarland
    JRGarland12 months ago

    Such passions, held in a breath, now holds the heart in prison. Not able to set free for fear of rejection. It is indeed an agonizing path you’re on. Fear binds, even the most beautiful of hearts, when love is held at bay. This is indeed a most beautiful poem with so much at stake. Awesomely written my friend!!!

  • Thank you J.R. for your understanding and insight. Yes, there is fear in letting go of the old and then venturing out to find that there may be something better and hope but it still turns into fear. Then comes the rejection part. Hopefully this will soon pass, but when the heart goes a fluttering elsewhere, it sure is a dilemma. Thanks for your support in every way, my friend..

    – Arco Iris R

  • woodie123
    woodie12312 months ago

    Congratulations Irs on your well deserved feature for another fine piece of work.

  • woodie123
    woodie12312 months ago

    My dear Iris I think this is one of the most beautiful things Ihave ever read. I wish I had someone to say these words about me.

  • Awww Chris. To say these words a woman has to feel them. Doesn’t your lady calls you sweaty pie or or other pet names. Have you ever asked her to call you like that? Your heart is beautiful also and I find any woman you might want can be able to correspond to those affections. I didn’t know that a man would have to hear these words also for for my husband has never been the romantic t really Hopefully, your’ll have all of that loving you want. Tlhanks for caring Woodie.

    – Arco Iris R

  • TheBrit
    TheBrit12 months ago

    Congratulations on your very deserved Feature Iris, This is an amazing heartfelt write !

  • Thank you so much Brit. Glad you found it so for it was something I had to get off my chest last night.

    – Arco Iris R

  • Laurie Search
    Laurie Search12 months ago

    Wow, Iris….the longing is soooo palpable….This is so heartfelt and…..full…….full of love, heartache, longing…everything. Full of heart and soul, truly. I love it, my dear friend!!!!! Pure romance!!!! I hope you sleep now, sweet Iris!!!! :)))xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Thank you for reading and understanding. I think you understand much more what’s going on in here. Your hearts to live for the first time. To know what romance is really like and to be free to feel it. Thank you so much Laurie.
    xoxoxoxxo Much love

    – Arco Iris R

    MINDSET12 months ago

    Nice…………….. congrates on your feature……………

  • Thank you so much Mind Set. Glad for your reading and your comment. I enjoy your visits so much.

    – Arco Iris R

  • autumnwind
    autumnwind12 months ago

    Iris!!! Goodness woman, I could have read this forever, did not want it to end! Wow, such love has awakened and inspired you so!! I am so, so happy for you, for even though it seems somewhat unfulfilled as yet, it is alive and growing into who knows what possibilities!! Love …look what it has done to you! Such a write, I cannot express the depth of beauty within your words. I wish you what you wish my dear friend, for you deserve the love you are …and that is mighty powerful and illuminating!!! Hugging you, shar xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox♥

  • Shar, Do you know that just yesterday I saw a write by a certain person and it was so beautiful that I just touched it and kept on touching it through the screen and realized that change I told you about that I thought was good? But write made me write and there was something in my heart that weighed me down, it felt heavy and anxious like looking for something. And this is what came out. Yes, I need to be free, to get out of this place where all it does is grabbing me and taking me down into the abyss. Not only is the place but you already know the circumstances. I think that if you weren’t here with me, I would have been somewhere else. God forbid. But this is scary but I know that little by little I’ll get there. Iris xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Here hugging you so much..

    – Arco Iris R

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