“glad you got bubbles!!! lol hope you enjoy!!!
yes, the wind in autumn is complete magic to me …dry, gray windy days my favorite, it is as though there is music, voices, singing, secrets …all sort of things in that autumn wind so ….when I realized I could choose any name that is what came to me.- These are the words of Autumnwind, when I asked her why she chose that name”

When the trees and leaves are in their autumn beauty,
Colors so bright on bush and tree.
A veil of orange, purple, brown and gold
On gray and dry pathways leaves will fall where luscious greens reined
And the gray still skies now cast in gloom,
The heat and humidity of summer finally past,
Crispy air sharpens your senses
When the whispering of the gentle Autumn winds,
Carry silence for the day.
Before all the trees decide to rest
You stay still in bewilderment
As you see all creatures admire her Grace
Behold the beauty of Autumn has come to rein.

Our Lady has come alive!

Behold the woman with the hair of Autumn Winds
And eyes of Autumn’s October with a different scent in her winds
With a show of moods and colors she changes the vista
As she dons her velvet gown,
Unfolding her skirt of colors bright and deep.
Crimson, brown, and gold she brilliantly paints
The falling leaves on Forrest paths gray
Her beauty: words have never told
Of that beautiful art of kindness and giving ornate,
She is Woman of Autumn Winds

She is Autumnwind

She’s a breath of fresh air.
She’s the Whispering Wind.
She moves and her flickers of red the skies they touch
She comes with her eventide’s of a whistle-ling breeze.
Whispering her secrests through the trees and the rustling leaves
One tickle on your ear as she softly blows
Or a a breath of her aroma you will inhale and know
That Autumn Wind is around us all
How have her spirits lift in great joy
With gentle winds that only she knows how to blow,
Hear her laughter, hear her songs: contagious they are
Look at her widening eyes, and the broadening smiles -
She happily calls
Quench my yearning thirst with ink
Nourish my mind of the Poet
To take pen in hand and heart
O’ Harp
Of your heart-strings that play soft and low
Sing your song
Of your meledious gentle cry
With her harp and her Poet’s heart
She enchants the land
Giving her offerings to October’s Harvest

As Spirits in tune to the spicy air,
I feel the joy in your laughter and trusting eyes
The joy of a friendship weaving a fabric of friendship quilt
That seems to last foever
A sisterly bond that knows only
Love that is unconditional.
There’s comfort in your silent embrace,
So peaceful, and serene
You are Love incarnate

When the golden sunset
Sets over the amber hills
And when the moon shines bright
And Autumnwind gives way to Winter
And in line she waits for Spring, Summer
You will forever feel her precense here
For her gentle whispering wind still does move
Silently, invisibly. and proudly with love

O’ The joy to those who know Autumnwind

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Shar, Autumnwind has been the most precious, kind and giving soul I have the pleasure of meeting. Many a times I have called her my kindred soul. I know that everyone just loves her to death. What I wrote on top was her answer when I asked her why she chose the name Autumnwind.

My passion is writing and books. My goal is learning to draw and I’ve developed a taste for photography.

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  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 1 year ago

    The perfect tribute to a dynamic woman. Shar has been one of my closest friends here in RB land. The magic in her being spreds far and wide, capturing the hearts of all those who have the privilege of knowing her. Awesome, awesome write my dear friend!!!

  • Thank you so much JR. You are so right. You seem to see her everywhere, faithfully trying to comment on everyone comment.. She is one who really cares about you, well, we consider ourselves kindred souls.
    We are ALL lucky to have her.

    – Arco Iris R

  • evon ski
    evon skiover 1 year ago

    oh this is breath takingly beautiful!! As a tribute to both Shar and Autumn. a true wow on all counts!!!!

  • Awwww Yvonca, thank you so very much, I won’t be surprised if she looks at ever one of our friends in here and I don’t think that would be possibly physical. Since she loves Autumn so much, I had to also add the beautiful qualities that she so much loves in Autumn. Glad you liked this.

    – Arco Iris R

  • JaneRoberts
    JaneRobertsover 1 year ago

    A gorgeous tribute to a truly wonderful soul!! xx

  • Thank you so much Jane. She is wonderful and I thing that she is marvelous as a person and as a friend. She genuinely loves and cares about people. She knows there is something about but quite. I just asked permission to use her description of what why she chose Autumn. Thanks once again Jane.

    – Arco Iris R

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 1 year ago

    Iris!!! OMG you sneaky sweetheart!!! I seriously could cry right now, this is too beautiful for words. You know I just got back from the eye doctor ..have had the worst luck lately with doctors as far as waiting for hours to see one for like just 5 minutes it seems! Anyway enough of that, you know I wondered why you asked me so I just went straight to your page without even checking my phone messages or preparing a dinner yet or looking anywhere else here LOL and look what I find!!! It is the most beautiful tribute, I swear, just from those few sentences I shared with you you really ‘get me’ big time!!! This is one absolutely gorgeous write and whoa, just way too kind about me. It is your beautiful heart and soul I feel deeply in this that you took the time to write for me, about me …who does that?? YOU I notice!!! You are a giver and the sweetest soul in the world!!! I love you to pieces and can never thank you enough for the gorgeous autumn imagery and just cannot accept those lovely things you wrote about me. They fit you more, and I must say there are many people here who deserve your tributes way more than me, including your own amazing self!!! Ok, my one eye is dilated and hope there are not too many typos. Thank you to RJ, Yvonca and Jane for such BEAUTIFUL comments, so appreciated and I love you all right back sooooooooooooooooo much!!!
    Need to go now with tons of things to do, but had to comment on the ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL GIFT DEAR IRIS, YOU PRECIOUS AND WONDROUS CREATURE YOU!!!!! See you as soon as I can!!!!!

  • He he he he I wanted and NEEDED to write you something. The only gift I can give you now except my heart and soul. was writing about how much you mean to me and to all of us. You many not be aware of it, Shar, but everyone here that knows you loves you and respect you for who you are. Sometimes I feel, that though we can message or comment and reply, it is not enough. You know me, I always have to go farther than that. I always wanted to write something for you, but I needed the right words to inspire me. I just couldn’t write that you are dear and sweet and how we all love you. I had to go in deeper, to your very soul and see what was your passion and that’s when I thought about asking why you chose your name: Autumnwind. That little message, or conversation was all I needed and of course your permission to use it was exactly what I needed to begin with the words and to choose every word. I had to give your passion of Autumn some recognition also, write about her, because she is part of you, of who you are also. Shar, you say that you do not deserve these words, that I do. Well, how many times I have called you my kindred soul? We are so much alike in the giving and sharing and our likes and dislikes then I have also written it to myself. But this one is yours and yours alone. Since I have lived in Puerto Rico for more than thirty years, I’ve forgotten how the different seasons makes you feel. I do remember the smell and silence of winger, the fresh smell of spring and the laziness of summer and the heat. And I remember the Indian Summer and of course Autumn. I loved to take the leaves and look at all of the different colors as a child. Upon writing this, I had to go to every season and then focus on Autumn. So, you have gifted me in this way also. Oh, and I purposely left the bubble in there, for it shows the inner child of you that is very bubbly.
    Love you so
    Iris xoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoox

    – Arco Iris R

  • TheBrit
    TheBritover 1 year ago

    A wonderful tribute to dear Shar , also a wonderful write Iris !

  • Thank you Brit for liking this. She is so dear and caring that I had to gift her with something. Thanks for reading and visit.

    – Arco Iris R

  • woodie123
    woodie123over 1 year ago

    Absolutely amazing, where the hell did you get this from. And what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Lady. I have so much respect for you Iris, and for autumnwind. I`m sorry but I have ran out of words

  • Awww Don’t worry Chris, it happens to me somehow. Sometimes I would like to say so much and I am totally speechless. Hard to believe but true He he he he. I don’t remember when I met Shar, it feels like if we have been close to each forever. As a matter of fact, we are so much a like in certain things that I call her my kindred soul. I had never asked the reason for her chosen name but I did to get her complete essence to be able to write this..Thank you Chris for really liking this and saying that you not only respect Shar, but also respect me and for that I am honored.

    – Arco Iris R

  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestover 1 year ago

    I read this earlier but didn’t at the time have the time to comment.
    It is so evident that you see the depth or beauty in our Shar and your rejoicing of her is pure delight.
    For another writer to be inspired so is beautiful inspiration in itself.
    I concur that she is a seasonal heart and is a force of nature here on the bubble and I thank you for your dear heart as that also shows me that you too are one of our treasures as well. xxxx

  • Arcadia, I also know for a fact the she is exceptional and she inspires. I agree that the force of nature she has within makes everyone smile as she breezes in on one person and then the other. She does lift everyone’s spirit. with her pen, her camera and her heart..And thank you for saying that I am another treasure, but it is her that inspires us to praise her virtues.

    – Arco Iris R

  • TeresaB
    TeresaBover 1 year ago

    April 15, 2013

    Beautiful work!

  • Thank you so much for your comment and for this beautiful feature. I appreciate it very much but I think autumnwind’s heart and soul had a lot to do with this.

    – Arco Iris R

  • JohnDSmith
    JohnDSmithover 1 year ago

    Just a wonderful write-up for a wonderful person,….I like the Autumnwind,….

  • Thanks John. You have put up a smile on my face. She is wonderful and I think everyone likes her also.

    – Arco Iris R

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 1 year ago

    Thank you so, so very much dear Brit, Woodie, Karen and John! And congrats on your feature Iris, Teresa is just completely awesome!!! I am honored you guys and I thank you from my♥heart and adore you all!! Your words here mean very much to me too. Iris, once again, I will never forget this precious gift. Have a beautiful day …hope to be able to catch up here a bit today, yesterday was too crazy …but you saved me from all the madness!!!!!! : ))) Love you, shar xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxooxoxox♥

  • I hope you are doing better Shar. You don’t need to thank me: this you deserve and much, much more. I wish I could gift you with something else, but for now, this is all I could think of. When you told me that the first thing you did when you got back from the doctor’s was go to the computer for you were curious made me laugh. I envisioned the whole thing. Since you are very intelligent I knew you would wonder why I asked you. I know I was sneaky, but it was all worth it And it is good to know that you have great fans out there. And of course, I’m on the top of the list.
    Love you so much xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxox

    – Arco Iris R

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